Welfare cases

Have been busy lately with several matters. We have had a flood of welfare cases everyday for the last 2 to 3 week.  We have now processed somewhere close to 220 welfare cases of which we have spent slightly above RM100,000. This represents a good 50% of my annual allocated budget but this is a drop in the ocean on helping
the poor, by my estimate my area has at least 1,000 hardcore poor families and another 10,000 families earning less than RM1,500  a month.

My welfare budget is now closed for the year. The remaining 50% of my budget is for associations and small projects. My office had decided not to spend on any makan events (they cost too much and I cannot stomach the idea of blowing RM 10, 000 in 3 hours).

My office is also busy preparing for our newsletter, this will be out next week. I am also preparing for Parliament,  reading up on policy ideas and also the Thomas Piketty book. Lastly, I have been summoned by the Selangor govt to testify on a hearing on the mining water pond issue.


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- May 31, 2014

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