TPPA: So It Has Come to This…

The TPPA vote. Pakatan Harapan and PAS 84 votes. Barisan Nasional 127 votes.

After two and half years in the Caucus and the last 2 months working non stop on this issue, it all comes to an unhappy outcome. Maybe it is all fait accompli. Najib got his way today.

Now we turn to Canada and ironically, America to bring an end to TPPA. Trudeau has signaled he will sign on Feb 4th but may not ratify the TPPA. If either Trump or Bernie Sanders wins the US elections, either one will very likely cancel the TPPA. However, if Clinton wins, she will do the bidding of the corporates.

Lastly, I want to thank all the caucus members, NGOs, staff, and interns for all their hard work.

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- January 27, 2016

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