Good morning. I am taking the day off from the office and will instead be working from home. The office is still open as usual, 10 am to 5 pm with Abigail and Tina holding fort. The P104 service night will also continue as usual from 8 pm to 10 pm, with Mr. Leong in charge. Monday Night Chat too will be posted tonight, as usual, courtesy of Tina. However, I will be out for dinner with my wife. It is our wedding anniversary.

This morning, I want to talk about the people who volunteer at and who support our office. My office has a core group of regular professional volunteers (lawyers, economist, math guy, property guy, JMB expert and business guy). They come in to help advise our constituents on their problems on Monday nights.

Downstairs at YB Hannah Yeoh‘s office, she has a fantastic dedicated team that works together with us on many issues. We also have our auntie brigade who volunteers on INVOKE Malaysia phone banking every Thursday night. We have volunteers who participate in our outreach programs; doctors, nurses, pharmacists, students, photographers. We also have our former interns dropping by and helping out. We also host knowledgeable speakers who come and give talks on everything from international trade, oil and gas, anti corruption systems, career prospects to geo-spatial analysis.

We too have other occasional, less visible volunteers. Andy, my high school buddy whom I have known for more than 35 years, will drop by on call and fix our computer and IT problems. He spent almost a day sorting out a computer he donated to us last week and advised us on software (see attached pic). We have WWW, a former intern who is an accountant. He does our mid year and year end office accounts. We also have Willy who gifted us a water filter dispenser and services it. There are many more who chip in to do bits and bobs to keep us going.

For our supporters that do not have time to volunteer, they support our office expenses and also the needs of our poorest constituents.

With the recent farewell of Tania and Nadirah, I have been feeling a bit down. The partings of my two key P104 family in two weeks, have been hard. However this morning, by recalling the work and dedication of my volunteers and supporters, I am somewhat lifted.

Wishing all a very productive week ahead.