Ready To Serve On Wednesday Nights

My volunteers informed me that we had a very busy service night at the office. In addition to that we sent two representatives, Kevin and Mr. Ho to attend the annual general meeting of the PKR Kelana Jaya branch.

Tonight, eight of my professional volunteers (entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, engineers) attended to my constituents from 8 pm to 10 pm. Volunteers Leong, James, Phang, Gabriel, Wy How, Melody, Allie and Michele Lim joined my officer Paul Mae and intern Ili, and handled many complaints, legal entanglements, citizenship matters and traffic zoning cases.

Mr.Leong informed me that we even had a very first case involving a monkey, kept illegally as a pet by a constituent. Our head volunteer lawyer Mr.Phang explained the legal position to the constituent and urged him to do the right thing.

Service nights are unpredictable; some nights are quiet (last week, we only had 4 cases) and some are super busy. Tonight was the latter. I was not around for both service night nor the PKR Cabang event. Instead, I took my wife out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

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