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This is a posting on all the community projects funded by my office in Parliament Subang for 2019.

We were allocated for community spending the amount of RM3.5 million for 2019. This is a staggering amount considering that in my first term from 2013 to 2018, I had a mere RM250,000 a year from the Selangor government for Kelana Jaya.

The breakdown of the RM3.5 million is as follows:
1. Community grants to associations: RM600,000 (300 associations x RM2,000 each)
2. Welfare cases and emergency (fire, accidents): RM300,000 (of which RM180,000 was distributed to 1,800 underprivileged children from 51 schools)
3. Project Kecils (to be spent on community structures and buildings) : RM600,000
4. Project Mesra Rakyat (to be spent only on federal buildings) : RM2,000,000 (all of which was spent on repairing 51 schools in Subang)

Total: RM3,500,000

This posting relates to items 3 (Project Kecil) and 4 (Projek Mesra Rakyat). All community money comes from the Prime Minister department, which is why Opposition MPs got nothing. This was also the same situation during UMNO/BN rule (but they used to get even more allocations at RM6 million).

To manage these projects, my office created a small committee to evaluate and financially plan the projects. Projects, save for the repairs of all schools in my area, largely depended on consultations with the ADUNs, councillors and community leaders. For the school projects, credit goes to the PIBGs and Headmasters of the respective schools themselves for identifying what repairs are most needed.

Leading the projects committee is my chief volunteer, Mr. Leong, supported by my overworked officers Paul Mae, Dhinaa, Kevin and the many volunteers and interns that served the P104 office in 2019.

We would also like to thank the government officers who helped us to expedite the projects, namely Puan Ain and Encik Azrul. We gave them a lot of projects to handle!

All in, we did 30 Projek Kecils and allocated the repairs for all 51 schools in Subang. So a grand total of 81 projects for 2019.

We will be planning next year’s budget in December, where we will continue to repair the older schools. We will also focus on a theme of safety and security, so we will upgrade the bomba, police and hopefully the Rukun Tetanggas (subject to PM office approval). Budget permitting, we will also consider making sure all schools in Subang have working proper fire safety equipments.

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- September 24, 2019

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