Meet The Fresh Faces of P104

Good morning from Parliament. First day of the end of year budget session. Parliament will sit from today to 5th December! This is a very long session and is also the most important of the year. Last year, I have decided not to speak much on the budget. When I was in the Opposition, I usually give 5 to 10 speeches during budget. Last year, I gave only two. I gave a long broad policy budget speech and also one on palm oil. I deliberately did so because I felt it will be unfair to critique the then relatively inexperienced ministers.

This session, with the ministers having settled into their office, it is now time to put some pressure on them. Also in view of the recent troubling political developments, it is now time to actively and constructively speak in Parliament.

As such, I intend to debate on as many ministries as possible in this session. I have also many diplomatic meetings in Parliament and PAC work. So it will be a very busy session. As such I will also be scaling down my weekend community activities for the next 2 to 3 months as my officers prepare for full on legislative work.

Today, we started our proceedings with a minute of silence of prayer and contemplation for the passing of HRH Sultan Ismail Petra of Kelantan and YB Dr Farid of Tanjung Piai.

Attached is the picture of day one, with Alethea my new officer (former intern) and my new interns Marcus and Eun.