Meeting with Tan Sri Ariff

05 November 2019

Good morning from Parliament. Had two more political meetings after the Parliament vote. Finished my last meeting past midnight. But I had a good sleep last night, solid 6.5 hours. I usually sleep about 5 hours a day.

Woke up feeling much better today. Had to rush to Parliament for a 8.30 am meeting with a researcher, May Yee. She is a friend of my wife. Then at 9.30 am I had a meeting with Tan Sri Ariff, the Speaker. I have a PAC meeting at 11 am later. Followed by a meeting with Anwar Ibrahim around lunch.

Then tonight I have a dinner meeting, followed by a post dinner meeting too at 9.30 pm. I will also have to pack a bag of clothes tonight. Tomorrow, I will attend the morning Parliament session then I will be going off to a human rights conference in Thailand tomorrow evening.