A Road Trip to INVOKE

Good morning. Yesterday the interns and I spent the day at INVOKE Malaysia. They got to tour and see in action all four divisions of INVOKE; big data team (super nerds), media team (tech creative guys), strategy team (brainiacs) and volunteer management team (die hard troopers). They spent time talking to the media and tech team at INVOKE SPACE. Then they met up with the brainiacs, the deep strategy team. YB Rafizi Ramli also spent some time talking to the interns and answered some personal questions as well as explaining the mission and objectives of INVOKE (to defeat BN and bring about policy driven democracy with a two party system).

One of our interns, Ivan was super excited to meet his hero, YB Khalid Samad of Shah Alam. YB Khalid was there for an interview with the INVOKE media team.

YB Khalid is one of the 50 potential candidates that INVOKE is supporting. All potential candidates are currently from PKR, Amanah and DAP. They have all agreed to declare their assets, commit to policy reforms and undertake to perform their duties (if elected) with diligence and honour.