Monday Night Chat with Wong Chen: Episode 35

MPs are also called “law-makers,” as is their job in Parliament. Wong Chen presents a day-by-day Parliament report to you as he debates on and calls attention to what new laws the Government is trying to ram through this sitting.

Also last week, 1MDB failed to pay the first half of its US$1.2bil (that’s RM5.14bil, or RM164 for every person in Malaysia) in settlement to IPIC. What impact does this have?

Finally, this episode ends on a much happier note with an exciting staffing announcement! Tina’s in, Abigail’s returning, Megan’s coming; while Nadirah and I (Tania) are leaving.

Watch [or skip to timestamp]:
– Last Week in Parliament: 31 July–3 August 2017 [00:11]
– Q&A: Impact of 1MDB’s failure to make its US$603mil settlement payment to IPIC; the Employment Insurance System Bill 2017; Opposition MPs’ memorandum to Bank Negara Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim [03:55]
– P104 Kelana Jaya staffing arrangements [07:55]