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Appreciation Post

Last Friday we said goodbye to our intern Nathan. Nathan interned with us for about two months and excelled at community service and producing our Monday Night Chat program. A friendly chap with a good sense of humour, he got along with everyone in the office. Nathan also showed good enthusiasm at policy discussions and was willing to learn new things and concepts. Lastly, he was unfazed and handled himself well in conversations with senior politicians. 

The office will miss him and we wish him the very best on his future endeavours.

AIPA Caucus​ Meeting​

Good morning from Parliament. The AIPA caucus meeting has started. Last night was a welcome dinner and today is the start of our discussions. I will be extremely busy in the next two days. Attached are pictures of AIPA this morning.

Moments of Enjoyment

A busy day in the office. I have had five meetings with my constituents today. Later I will be going to do a buka puasa event in USJ 9 at Masjid Al Falah.

I want to use this posting to thank everyone who took part in the Triplet Orchestra Concert last Saturday. Mr.Chan of Media Rakyat just sent me a bunch of great photos. The concert played the classics as well as contemporary stuff, including Miyazaki movies, Star Trek and Game of Thrones. The most fun orchestra concert I have been to in years; at one point the conductor came out in a Thor costume. 

Well done to all the players and organisers from Sunway, Monash and Taylor’s. Subang Jaya rocks!

Thanking The Rescue Squads

Just a quick posting. News coming in that PH won the Sandakan seat by a good majority. This is much needed good news for PH. 

I am now at the Triplet Orchestra Concert, waiting for the event to start. This is a Sunway, Monash and Taylor’s collaboration. All three are in my constituency of Subang. 

Yesterday, my office together with JKP Zon1 sponsored a buka puasa with Balai Bomba Subang Jaya. We visited the Adib memorial, had a good chat with the Bomba crew and had a quick inspection on the state of the station. 

As you may know, this year my office is focusing education by repairing all 51 schools in Subang at the cost of RM2.5 million. Next year we will focus on crime, health and safety. We can only spend the federal community budget on federal buildings, so next year we will be rebuilding the Balai Bomba.

Reformation On The Go!

Good morning from Parliament. There is no sitting but a Parliament function, where the Speaker is giving a talk on Parliament reforms. I arrived at 8 am and met YB Nancy Shukri; we were the first MPs there. This event is expected to end at 11 am. After that, I have two more meetings, one on Lynas and the other with an American journalist. Then later in the evening, I will be attending a farewell event for the First Secretary Rifdi at the Singapore High Commission. I have known Rifdi for about 3 years and got on very well with him.