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Alternative Budget 2015

After 6 weeks of work, the Pakatan Rakyat Budget 2015 will be launched today in Parliament at 2.30 pm.

Many thanks to the Budget Committee Team of Rafizi, Ong Kian Ming, Shao Loong, Ajmel, Dr Dzul, and also my support staff Wyhow, Gillian and interns William, Douglas and Ying Ning. Let’s agree not torture ourselves again next year!

My team had to camp in Parlaiment the whole of yesterday. We had domino pizzas in Parliament and left at 11.30 pm last night. I went to bed around 3 am. Rafizi same time too and he had to even cut short his wedding anniversary dinner!


Hot off the press


Staff and interns Gillian, Ying Ning, Douglas, William and Wyhow

Children of Glenmarie, Conciliatory Meeting

Today I am in Parliament with my team to work on the Pakatan Rakyat budget. The focus is on cross consultations with our partners and the essential last minute vetting. I am not due to debate today so its going to be a research and admin work day.

Last night my office had our service night. We had several community issues to deal with. Last week, I was back at Glenmarie for a kindergarten event, organised by the ladies there. It was peaceful and fun (the week before we had a real ruckus) and resulting from the event my office has decided to adopt this underprivileged kindergarten. The kindergarten is run by YWCA and supported by a Tamil charity Kelab Bell. Tim my office manager went to see the kindergarten and brought about a 100 donated children’s books. We will also look into doing some basic repairs.

On another more serious matter, my office held a community meeting to discuss the issue of a church building in Seri Setia. The local community is against the construction whereas the church has complied with all the laws. The matter came to an open protest last month and in attempt to diffuse further racial and religious tensions, my office has asked the relevant parties to come and sit down and just talk to each other. My councillor Halimey came and my ADUN sent his representative. The church leaders met with the local JMB and Surau Chairman. MBPJ was also present to explain the history and approvals granted.

Discussion was heated at times with the venting of frustrations mostly at MBPJ for failing to engage the community on the issue since 2008. I won’t say the meeting was a success but at least the people are talking.

The parties parted peacefully and we will keep an eye on this matter. The key is to refer any future conflicts early to the councillor, ADUN and MP. I also advised the parties that the future is co-existence in peace which means the leaders of both sides must take extra efforts to talk and possibly do joint events. Easier said than done, but they must try.


Kindergarten event at Glenmarie


Pre-schoolers at Glenmarie


Church leaders, local JMB and Surau Chairman, MPBJ Councillor Halimey, ADUN representative



Annual Dinner Fund Raiser

My office is throwing our annual dinner fund raiser on Saturday 1st November 2014, 6.30 pm to 10 pm. Our target is to raise around RM20,000 to help pay for the running of my office.

We have a monthly office expense of around RM7,000 to RM8,000 a month, which means that we spend about RM90,000 a year to operate my office with 2 full time staff.

We get financial support of RM50,000 a year from the Selangor government. As such, on a yearly basis we have a target to raise RM40,000 a year to cover our expenses.

We are selling tickets for a smallish 20 table Chinese dinner at the price of RM188 per plate or RM1,880 per table of 10 pax. The dinner will be at the Inn of Four Seasons, Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya. If you are interested in tickets, please contact either one of my two staff:

Timothy Kang:

Gillian Gan:

I will be there to do personally greet all and then do a 2 hour question and answer session with the donors.


invitation fundraiser

Rating agencies; Najib’s Achilles’ heel

It’s been an incredible day with the IRB bill. Several senior MPs told me that they don’t remember the government ever doing such a u-turn on an amendment. UMNO-BN never had to because they have the numbers in Parliament to push through any bill they wish.

So what makes this particular episode so special or unique? In my work to fight this bill, I may have accidentally uncovered the Achilles’ heel of the Najib Administration.

We know for certain that the Najib administration isn’t afraid of opposition MPs or even any rebellious BN backbenchers. These guys are also not afraid of newspapers or opinions from the internet either.

In this fight, I actually contacted the rating agencies, whom I meet on a periodic basis when they are in town to cover Malaysia. I firmly believe that these rating agencies and their negative opinions must have spooked the Najib administration into withdrawing the investment panel.

So there you have it. My theory is as such: If you want to defeat the Najib Administration, talk to the rating agencies and convince them to take up your cause.

Here are links to my speech and also my press conference today:

Part 1 of my speech: here

Part 2 of my speech: here

My press conference this morning: here


I arrived in Parliament at 9 am today and was pleasantly surprised to find that the IRB bill has been amended yet again to remove the creation of the Investment panel.

We won! This is truly a victory to savour for the rakyat.