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High Achiever Gets to Go to University

En Nasir and his family

En Nasir and his family

En Nasir and his wife came to my office to ask for welfare support to put down a RM2,000 deposit for their daughter’s education at Universiti Utara Malaysia. I had to turn down En Nasir since my 2014 welfare allocation has been fully spent. Feeling sympathetic to their cause, I posted about their hardship on my Facebook page.

Last night, En Nasir’s family received RM1,000 from donors who responded to my Facebook posting. The donors (husband and wife) from USJ wish to remain anonymous. The lady donor surprised me with the offer last week via email. She read my Facebook posting and felt very strongly about education. She also told me that she too went to a public university.

The donors and the family met in my office last night and after initial awkwardness, it was really heart warming to see the women hugging and getting to know each other. The daughter will be studying finance at UUM and promises to update the donors on her results. En Nasir, who has 6 children recounted to us how important it is that the daughter be the first from the family to go to university and hopefully inspire her siblings and neighbours.

I am also reminded that as lawmakers, one of the most important policy we must uphold is to ensure socio-economic mobility of the poor and disadvantaged; that the govt must always ensure that a person be given a fair chance to succeed irrespective of their economic background.

Desa Ria Mobile Health Clinic

The DUMC and my team members are tired but very happy. At 1pm, we were afraid that we would not have the numbers since a big group of residence went out to vote.

Luckily, a steady stream of residence came. The final count: we served 187 patients from 1pm to 6pm. About 50% were children. I spoke to a lot of the patients, a lot have skin and eye problems. It must be some environmental issue. My staff will start looking at the water tanks next.

The queue was long and to lighten the wait time, I bought ice cream for all. A big thank you to all involved.

Volunteer with Desa Ria resident

Volunteer with Desa Ria resident


Children lining up for ice cream


My staff and the DUMC volunteers

A Successful Book Donation Drive

My interns have completed their project in assembling a small library for the Desaria kindergarten.

A very big thank you to everyone who contributed the bookcases, books and toys. We had an official handover of the library today at 11.30 am.

The kids were super polite and sweet. I have a son and daughter their age and it truly is the very best age to be a parent! They must have thought that I was a teacher when they greeted me with “selamat datang cikgu”.

I want to also thank my interns Ivor, Ann Charlotte and Ashley who started the project and completed it. Thank you also to my newer interns Leong and Z for helping towards the end.

The next phase of the project is to tile up the kindergarten (they have damp floors that attract centipedes) and also install ventilator fans.


Celebrating the kindergarten’s new library


My interns handing out goodie bags to the children


The children in their new library

MH17 Vigil in Subang Jaya

I was just at the MH17 vigil in Empire Subang Jaya. We had a rather big gathering of some 500 people. There is a sizeable MAS crew and workers in attendance too. They were understandably very emotional. I spoke to some of them and they informed me that because cabin crews are rotated all the time, many knew and worked with both the cabin crews of MH17 and MH370.

Subang is really the heartland of MAS and a lot of its staff lives here. YB Kit Siang and Tony Pua came to this event organised by Hannah Yeoh with the help of Empire’s management. I gave the first speech then Hannah, Tony and Kit Siang. After that we had a photo session. I am now heading towards another meeting.

The vigil at Empire

The vigil at Empire

Book Donation Drive

My interns have started a book donation drive for the Tabika Desa Ria, a low cost flat in our constituency. The kindergarten is facing financial difficulties and lacks simple resources such as children’s books for the students. Their goal is to collect 300 second hand books, preferably a 50-50 distribution of English and Malay children’s book for children age 4-10 years. The donated books must be in good condition.

These books can be dropped off at our office at 113B, Jalan SS14/1, Subang Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan (Above 99 Speedmart)
Too busy to come to our office? Call us at 03-56137918 we would be happy to send someone to come and collect the books ourselves.

So far we’ve had plenty of people like and share this post on Facebook, but we have yet to receive any books or inquiries about when to drop books off. Please do donate your old children’s books. The Tabika is one of the few places where many of these children will have access to books.