Meeting with Tan Sri Ariff

05 November 2019

Good morning from Parliament. Had two more political meetings after the Parliament vote. Finished my last meeting past midnight. But I had a good sleep last night, solid 6.5 hours. I usually sleep about 5 hours a day.

Woke up feeling much better today. Had to rush to Parliament for a 8.30 am meeting with a researcher, May Yee. She is a friend of my wife. Then at 9.30 am I had a meeting with Tan Sri Ariff, the Speaker. I have a PAC meeting at 11 am later. Followed by a meeting with Anwar Ibrahim around lunch.

Then tonight I have a dinner meeting, followed by a post dinner meeting too at 9.30 pm. I will also have to pack a bag of clothes tonight. Tomorrow, I will attend the morning Parliament session then I will be going off to a human rights conference in Thailand tomorrow evening.

Parliament And Chats With SPRM

4 November 2019

Good afternoon from Parliament. I am exhausted, I had a full day of highly complicated policy work on Sunday. Woke up this morning with a splitting headache. Met my officers in Parliament at 8.30 am. Ministers are still answering policy questions today.

I just submitted my new asset declaration for 2019. Had a long chat with SPRM officers on the need to declare share options. There is no legal need to do so but the officers advised that I can do so as a precautionary measure, so that when I do exercise these options in the future, there is a prior disclosed explanation. I find the SPRM officers are very professional and earnest to see real change. In most of my dealings with the civil servants, there is a positive desire to see change.

I am having a simple Korean lunch with my officers at Sri Hartamas. The Parliament food is so-so and you can only eat it so many times a week.

Digital Futures Conference

2 November 2019

Good morning from Hotel Tamu in Kampung Baru, KL. I will be at the Digital Futures Conference for today and tomorrow. I will be giving a speech at 2 pm today and be part of a panel on digital awareness.

There will also be lunch and dinner meetings. The crowd is somewhat international and the event is organised by the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

My chief volunteer Mr Leong will be representing me for community events for this weekend.

Back In The Office In Kinrara

1 November 2019

Good afternoon from my office in Kinrara. During this long budget Parliament session, I will be in my office only on Fridays, when Parliament rests. Today is turning out to be a very busy day.

I started with a 8.30 am meeting in Mont Kiara. Then I drove to my office. Policy meetings with interns Eun and Joyce on minimum wage. Meetings with Paul Mae and Ale on Parliament reforms. Marcus, the other intern is working on trade policies. Dhinaa on constituency matters, with a big pile of papers to sign.

Samy, the Ketua Cabang dropped in. There were also two cikgus from a local tabika. Mr Leong, my chief volunteer dropped by for lunch to update me on programs, budget and administrative issues. My wife and I will also attend a dinner party hosted by the Mexican Ambassador tonight.

I am also preparing notes for a new round of budget committee stage debates next week, going to give a speech this Saturday, and will be flying off to Phuket for a major human rights conference on Wednesday evening for 5 days.

Batik In Parliament

31 October 2019

Good morning from Parliament. Had a long 8.30 am meeting with Izzah on fiscal policy.

On a separate somewhat frivolous note, Izzah raised an issue about batik, so I decided to wear a batik tie today to surprise her. However, she was quick to point out that it is made in Indonesia! My wife bought the tie some 3 years ago when she went to Jakarta for a work trip.

Continuing on the matter of batik shirts in Parliament, I am ok with the idea but maybe for Thursday only and should be optional. Parliament like most Malaysian public buildings are just too cold, hence my preference will still be a suit. The inclusion of batik will also require an amendment to the Standing Orders.

Parliament continues with ministers replying to the budget speech. This will continue to next Monday.