Visitors From Princeton and Kamar Khas Hearing

30 October 2019

In Parliament today, ministers and deputy ministers are answering policy points raised by MPs in their speeches. Most of our time is spent waiting for their policy responses. Today, I had a sideline meeting with Alex and Theo, American graduate students from Princeton. They are here to interview people on China’s BRI projects in Malaysia.

I also had my Kamar Khas hearing. The Kamar Khas is an avenue for MPs to ask ministers on local constituency matters involving federal government powers. I asked the JKR minister, YB Baru Bian to do a traffic study and build a traffic light system for the infamous ss15 roundabout.

The public works minister said that while the roundabout is indeed under its jurisdiction, they need to consult with MPSJ in order to install traffic lights and will consider the findings from a traffic study.

Attending the Kamar Khas hearing was YB Noraini, the PAC Chairperson. She was there to ask a question on halal hub in her constituency.

As for tonight, I will not be in for Service Night. It is my daughter’s birthday and we will have a simple family dinner.

Happy Deepavali!

29 October 2019

Good morning from Parliament. Parliament resits today after the Deepavali break. My family and I drove to Singapore for a quick 3 day visit. I went to my old school, visited my mother and younger brother’s family, returning on Sunday night. On Monday, I visited former Kapar MP, Manivanan for a Deepavali lunch.

This morning in Parliament, YB Mansor of Nibong Tebal is back. He is here to collect some personal belongings and will stay up till lunch to chat with well wishers. He is on strict medical leave until 8th November.

Today, the ministers will start to reply to all the policy speeches of MPs, delivered over the last two weeks.

Rafizi’s Court Case

24 October 2019

I am at the Shah Alam High Court and the courtroom is packed with about 200 supporters. Rafizi is in a pensive mood. There are about 10 PKR MPs here. Minister Saifuddin Nasution is here. Anwar Ibrahim is also here with Izzah. The arguments by lawyers are being made. The court will make a decision on 15th November. The crowd is hopeful. Rafizi himself is in a happier mood, than at the start.

US-China Trade War Speech

24 October 2019

Good morning. I came home last night at 11 pm, after my talk at the KLSCAH. My interns Eun and Marcus were there too. Yesterday was a very long 15 hour day for me. For those who are interested in the US China Trade War impact on Malaysia, and willing to read 3,000 words on it, you can read below. The speech is written by me with research and admin help from my capable intern Marcus.

A full transcript can be found on my facebook account here.

FINAS Report

22 October 2019

I am now in Putrajaya waiting to have dinner with Pak Fadhil and my wife. Earlier in Parliament, we finalised our FINAS report, and hopefully it will be tabled next month.

In brief, Finas spent in totality RM240 million over a period of 4 years with very little to show for. I am not revealing anything new here, as the financial debacle was covered by the Auditor General report in December 2018.

What is new from our hearings, is the testimonies of the new management and their vision to turn things around. I will only say that I am generally happier that the new team are actual practitioners in the film industry, as opposed to officials. For details, you have to read the PAC report when it is tabled.