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End of a Parliament Session

As I have said before, today’s Parliament sitting may very well be the very last one for the 13th Term since GE14 is around the corner.

It is very strange to say goodbye to friends and foes, knowing very well that some will be dropped, some are barred, some are retiring and some will lose in GE14. I want to wish all the best of luck and thank everyone for their service to the nation. Opposition MPs who stayed till the very end of today, spontaneously got together and took this last group photo.


Pakatan Harapan Vote Ambush

At 8.20 pm Pakatan Harapan MPs, together with Warisan ambushed UMNO BN on the vote of the Domestic Trade Ministry budget. The vote strategy was formed during the PKR pre-counsel meeting last week. The idea originated and was executed by YB Manivannan (PKR MP for Kapar) and endorsed by YB Dato Johari Abdul (PKR Chief Whip of Sungai Petani). Party whips from DAP, Amanah, Bersatu and Warisan were then brought into the loop and coordinated.

We decided to send a strong message to the minister that the rakyat is suffering high cost of living and oil prices, which is under the purview of his ministry.

When the bell was rung for a vote, we clearly outnumbered UMNO BN by 7 votes. The counting process started and the counting forms were eventually signed. After that point, other UMNO BN MPs and ministers rushed in and the signed documents were retracted. The process delayed further until they had enough numbers. This is a blatant abuse of the counting process. One of the MP jokingly warned the Speaker not to “turn off the lights” and fix the vote. To add fuel to our anger, and despite our strong protests, the Domestic Trade minister can be seen in the counting area to “supervise” the vote count. The counting process took an inordinate long 15 minutes to count.

The final outcome was 52 for UMNO BN and 51 for Pakatan Harapan.

Ultimately UMNO BN was saved by two senior PAS leaders who abstained from voting. The two senior PAS leaders are Ustaz Idris Ahmad of Bukit Gantang (vice president of PAS) and Hajjah Siti Zailah of Rantau Panjang (head of Kelantan PAS women wing). Once more PAS senior leaders showed their true colours that they are 100% pro UMNO BN. In a surprise move, six of the PAS junior backbenchers voted with us against UMNO BN. One of them explained to me that the high cost of living is a rakyat issue and as such he will vote with his conscience. The message is loud and clear, prepare for 3 corner fights so long as pro UMNO leaders are in charge of PAS.

After the vote was read, we demanded an explanation from the Speaker. Our legitimate protests were dismissed. The hall broke into a chant “TIPU! TIPU! TIPU!”. We walked out en mass and gave a press conference.

If they can blatantly influence the vote in the Dewan, what more in the counting halls of GE14. I therefore appeal to all my readers to become Polling and Counting Agents and protect our ballot boxes.


Any Last Words? – Aramis

Good afternoon! Tania here with a final/farewell post as research officer to Wong Chen, before I fly off to study in Oxford for two years.

What I’ve learnt from serving alongside the P104 office family can’t be fully expressed in a Facebook post, but these wise words of an Oxford alumna do help:

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour [help, relief] of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.” —J.R.R. Tolkien

You don’t need to work for an MP to know that corruption and injustice stain our country, but one year of policy research, parliamentary proceedings, and community service constantly and clearly puts it in your face.

It’s not in any of our capacities to fix all that’s broken in Malaysia’s systems, but we can do what’s in us for the good of our country.

I’m thankful to have worked with those who do just that: Wong Chen raises the standard of policymaking in Malaysia, and mentors his staff and interns to do the same. YB Hannah Yeoh’s office downstairs (that’s us staff together!) exemplifies teamwork between MP, ADUN, and local council. Our volunteers make time on Mondays for service night or on Thursdays for phone-banking with INVOKE Malaysia.

(You too can join P104’s humble service: email if you’re interested in being a polling & counting agent [PACA] in GE14, or if you’d like to intern.)

Whether you’re an honest politician keeping yourself free from love of money, or an honest employee doing your job as best as you can do, thanks for serving Malaysia in your own way. My job here might be over but our fight for our country continues!

Of Won Ton and Onde ondes (and Other Work Stuff)

Good morning and wishing everyone a productive week ahead. I have been a bit busy over the weekend with 4 events. One in Kelana Jaya (Seri Setia) and 3 in Subang Jaya.

However, I did have some time off for the family on Sunday morning. We spent the morning getting my kids to make some won ton. They cut up carrots and wrapped won ton. We then air fried the lot and ate it for lunch. Next weekend, my son has requested that we make onde onde.


On the political front, the ground is sensing a possibility of early elections. Conventional wisdom suggests it will either be May or September this year. However all eyes are on PAS with the big question whether they will indirectly support BN in the next GE. All eyes are also on Bersatu, whether this new party can make significant inroads into UMNO strongholds.

Despite all the permutations, there is still a path of victory, but the challenge is daunting because all the stars need to align. We need the same overall rakyat support level of 2013 at 52% plus an 8% swing of Malay rural votes.

On paper, UMNO under Najib is extremely weak; currently with 40% Malay support level. The last time UMNO was so weak was after Anwar Ibrahim’s sacking in 1998. In almost 4 years since 2013, UMNO’s Malay support has fallen from 55% to 40%. With this significant drop in Malay support, can PKR, Amanah and Bersatu capitalise on this? Or will Hadi Awang order its supporters to shore up UMNO’s base by pursuing three corner fights with the rest of us. That decision time will come soon enough.

This week we are poised to release our policy paper on helping the police to be corrupt free. Target for that release is on Wednesday. I have also been directed to focus more heavily on manifesto and policy work at the Pakatan Harapan level, as we prepare for a possible snap election.

INVOKE: A mission in analytics

Good morning. To my constituents, my officers will be attending my community functions on my behalf today. I will be hosting a very important visitor this morning and then spending the entire day till night at INVOKE Malaysia.

A few days ago, INVOKE published its first survey findings. It is a very big deal because it is the biggest ever survey conducted with 100,000 plus respondents. In comparison, most surveys done in Malaysia are in the slightly more than 1,000 range.

Here is the link to the survey report:…/GE14-Survey-Preliminary-Res…

What we have achieved since we started INVOKE some 4 plus months ago is incredible and all thanks go to the hardwork of our young 20 something, dynamic staff. And also to Rafizi as chief slave driver and fundraiser. For all of you who have contributed, a very big thank you from the bottom of all our INVOKE hearts!

Meet the INVOKE team:

Many people have been asking me why did we publish our findings. Will it not be better to keep the results a secret? The answer is yes and no. We publish overall findings because the public needs to know what the pulse of the nation is. We keep secret the much finer details of the data for strategic planning.

The real mission of giving out the overall general finding is to target undecided voters (fence sitters) and voters that have given up (fed-up with government and opposition). These targeted categories and you need to know exactly how important their votes will be in this general election. They are the ultimate deciders of whether we say goodbye to Najib and Rosmah. Some 15% to 20% of voters are undecided; they are the kingmakers, not Hadi Awang. If you hang on to hope, mobilise to vote and get your “tak apa” friends to do the same, we will have a change of government, irrespective how Hadi Awang swings.

Sending this message out is also important for the public to track and influence negotiations that are ongoing between politicians. If politicians are constantly negotiating in secret, our democracy will be in peril.

Some have said that our data is not important. Going to the ground blindly and doing deals is not a strategy. If we want change we have to work industriously to achieve it and that means data gathering, analytics, strategic planning and field deployment.

As you can imagine, we now have a massive amount of data to work with and our analytics team have been working non stop at this front. When the analytics is done, we will form our strategy. And when that is done, in the coming months we will re-activate and begin our field deployment. This process will continue in a loop, to continuously seek improvements all the way to election day.

I urge all of you to please continue supporting our work by clicking this link: