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Beware of Scam Calls!

Hi. I don’t know if any of you have received any GST scam calls lately? The calls are from a “customs department” based in Kedah. I received the same call 3 times last week. I spoke to three different “officers” who all asked for my IC. I scolded them on all 3 occasions and said that if they have no record of who I am, why did they call me in the first place. On the last call, I asked for the woman “officer” for her IC and she promptly put down the phone.

Do note that the GST phone call is a scam and as such please do not give your details to the caller.

However, the reason why I am putting up this posting is that I found out that the real Customs Department knew about this scam problem in December 2017. They even put up the posting on 20th December 2017 on their website, stating that many have been scammed for thousands of ringgit .

Today is 29th January 2018, that is almost 40 days after the Customs’ posting. Why are these scammers still operating? Why can’t the Customs/Police track and arrest these scammers?

Policy Chat over Curry Noodles

Good morrning. No Parliament today, so I am in my office to catch up with the rest of the officers and interns. I will give a lecture and take them to lunch. Since this budget session started I have not been to the office, except once two weeks ago. I will be getting an update on our Bulan Kebajikan and also research by interns.

I also dropped by to consume my favourite neighbourhood curry noodle at Teik Kee. I had a long chat with a few of my constituents over breakfast. The topics of gripe are GST, 1MDB, and durians that nobody can afford to eat any more. In this posting I am gonna talk about durians.

Musang King prices have dropped recently to around RM50/kilo but consumer sentiment has turned off completely when it hit RM125/kilo. The overall negative consumer sentiment has yet to recover since. In addition to being too expensive there is also an overwhelming feeling that we are getting second grade durians and that the best are exported to Singapore, HK and China. This kind of consumer resentment coupled by yoyo pricing is causing unhappiness to both producers and consumers.

What can we do as a policy to ensure fair durian prices and to stop the yoyo pricing? If we leave it to “free market” no Malaysians will be able to afford to eat durians. To make any policy work, we need to first gather accurate big data. In fact a lot of data; from total production volume, locality of old and new farms, seasonal pricing, to domestic and international consumption patterns. We also need to understand and keep up with changes in the industry. For instance, the widespread use of instant freezing technology can impact the supply of durians, hence its pricing too.

What we then need to do is to match supply and local demand, and by adjusting export tarriff of durians, the government can discourage or encourage the exports of durian. This will ensure that Malaysians can at least afford to taste our national fruit. By deploying this simple mechanism and testing it over a period of one to two years, we can then create a predictive model for optimal results that benefit both producers and consumers.

Najib: Ibu Segala Bajet

Najib is winding up his speech.

No reduction of GST.

No additional BR1M.

Najib then in a most bizzare moment, called himself “Ibu Segala Bajet”.

He then alleged the Opposition to be inconsistent, to which someone replied “the only thing you are consistent is being corrupt”.

Then as finale, Najib announces he will pay all civil servants RM1,000 bonus on 1st Jan 2018 and another RM500 at Hari Raya 2018. Now finally, this is the real Najib! Cash is King!

Lastly, he says the people knows how to evaluate leadership. To which we shouted, Yes! You will be judged.

The speech ends with the Opposition chanting “kleptocracy”.

Government Budget 2018: Brief Analysis

Here are some numbers from the budget documents.

This budget is going to be RM21 billion bigger than last year, at RM282 billion. And yet Najib (MO1) announces he will magically reduce the deficit from 3% in 2017 to 2.8% for 2018.

So how is he going to do this?

The answer is simple, tax more.

On closer study of the government revenue book, MO1 is going to collect an additional RM20 billion in taxes from the people and companies to pay for his fatter 2018 budget.

Yup, in particular for folks who are unhappy with GST, the MO1 is gonna tax you even more with GST collection. He predicts that for 2018, GST will increase by another RM2.3 billion to hit an all time high of RM44 billion. In other words, MO1 is telling all households to get ready to fork out another RM330 each of GST next year. Hidup MO1!

CNBC: Cut the Wastage, Cut the Corruption

Here is Wong Chen’s interview with CNBC, filmed last Thursday and just aired yesterday.

In this three-minute segment, he covers:
– Improving long-term investor confidence, a zero-GST plan, and higher wages to solve Malaysia’s fiscal problem;
– Targeting Malaysia’s rural voters: how Mahathir’s involvement with help gain rural votes; and
– Malaysia’s coalition politics.