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Goodbye, “Astroboy”!

We said goodbye to our intern Eugene today. Eugene’s internship was for exactly one month. He heads back to Perth tomorrow to continue his degree in engineering and music.

Clever and curious, Eugene asked a lot of probing questions during our policy discussions. He also has fully formed views despite being only 20 years old. It is not a surprise that this young man has a full university scholarship from a major Australian corporation. Eugene represents the type of talented and clever Malaysians that we must try to entice to stay and rebuild Malaysia. We hope that the short intership has given him some motivation and reasons to consider serving the nation.

While he did not manage to attend Parliament, he carried out his community service work very well. He is naturally friendly and handled community complaints and issues with courtesy and respect. The officers Abigail and Tina adore him.

We are particularly blessed to have had so many talented musicians as interns of late. Eugene played the piano with finese during our Christmas party. He also took part in our Monday office badminton sessions. We will miss him and we look forward to his return for a longer internship at the end of this year.

Lastly, just a quick note about our internship program. This is a year round program and with the support of our internship donors, has grown over the years. The purpose of the internship is to engage bright and committed youths to a larger sense of mission; to serve others and make Malaysia better for all.

First Event for 2018!

Good morning from the Pakatan Harapan convention. Before I report on the proceedings of the convention, I want to recap my community events yesterday.

My first community event of 2018, was a joyous one. I attended the church wedding of Kai Khen and Yee Vonne in the morning. Both are former interns of YB Hannah, so I suppose this was some sort of office romance. Wishing them a very happy life together.

At night I attended the USJ 9 Christmas and New Year event. The united RA and RT of USJ 9, never failed to deliver good food and good company. I gave a short speech on the economic outlook and thanked the organisers.

After that I attended the Block 3 Desa Mentari malam bakti. The event is organised to thank all the committee members for their hard work in 2017. Block 3 is the best urban poor flat in my constituency and recently won a RM20,000 grant. En.Jalaluddin and En. Halim run Blok 3 without politics and are very focused on welfare of the residents. On the recent passing of a resident, the committee raised a substantial amount of money for the widow. This kind of community spirit in usually absent in the richer neighbourhoods.

Goodbye, “Firebrand”

We said goodbye to Kevin Ling, our intern today. Mr. Leong, the head of my volunteers corp, belanja the office to a farewell dinner for Kevin at Nando’s.

Kevin, who hails from the town of Kulai, Johor applied for an internship in late October. He had decided to take a gap year and was looking to intern with us for a few months. Initially, my officers were a bit uncertain but he won them over at the interview stage.

Kevin applied himself quickly to all the tasks we assigned him. He demonstrated a “can do everything” attitude. He was instrumental at the INVOKE asset declaration exercise. Initially, he was there to assist but after a few days, I put him in charge of the overall management of it. It is very seldom that an intern is given the task to lead on a big project. He showed patience, maturity and dedication when helping most of the MPs go through the difficult exercise of declaring their assets and liabilities.

After the event, we offered Kevin a one year contract to work in my office, which he accepted. We were looking forward to him joining the office formally in January 2018 when he found out last saturday, that he has been accepted to do his masters in law (governance) at Australian National University. We wish Kevin all the best in Australia and we look forward to his return.

Goodbye “Baby Driver”!

Today we said goodbye to our intern Cassandra Chung. Due to the budget debates, Cassandra came over to Parliament to say goodbye to me. We had a long chat about her future and I gave her a long lecture on 3 global issues. I also advised her to do 3 things in her future professional life: (a) be on time; (b) take responsibility for any errors; and (c) to continuously improve.

Cassandra served in my office for one month and performed well in both research and community work. She has a bubbly, go-getting character. She is also a team player, getting along with the officers and fellow interns. The one thing I will always remember about Cassandra is her driving me to INVOKE Malaysia for an event. Cassandra blames this hair raising experience on my car’s “too sensitive” brakes!

I also understand that Wyhow bought a load of satay Kajang and Texas Chicken for her final day dinner in the office.

We will all miss having her super smile in the office.

Cassandra, do drop by and visit us when you have time. Once you join the P104 family, you can never, ever, really leave.

Welfare Month 2017 – Cheque Collection

Wassup guys! Tina here, reporting from the office while our Boss is away taking a one-day break (Parliament is so tiring man).

Today marks the start of cheque collection for this year’s Bulan Kebajikan — it is hectic as usual. Unfortunately, all three of our interns are not around (Kevin is sick; Cassandra got summoned to her father’s hometown; and one of the Seans is on study leave).

Lucky for us, two of our former interns are back to the rescue! Megan (who will be joining the office as staff in December) and Ivan, came to visit and is now helping the office with the giving out of cheques.

On a side note, we received a letter from KRT (Kawasan Rukun Tetangga) PJS 10 thanking our office for helping them rebuilt their cabin that was burnt down in December 2016.