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Tag: internship opportunity

Goodbye, “Firebrand”

We said goodbye to Kevin Ling, our intern today. Mr. Leong, the head of my volunteers corp, belanja the office to a farewell dinner for Kevin at Nando’s.

Kevin, who hails from the town of Kulai, Johor applied for an internship in late October. He had decided to take a gap year and was looking to intern with us for a few months. Initially, my officers were a bit uncertain but he won them over at the interview stage.

Kevin applied himself quickly to all the tasks we assigned¬†him. He demonstrated a “can do everything” attitude. He was instrumental at the INVOKE asset declaration exercise. Initially, he was there to assist but after a few days, I put him in charge of the overall management of it. It is very seldom that an intern is given the task to lead on a big project. He showed patience, maturity and dedication when helping most of the MPs go through the difficult exercise of declaring their assets and liabilities.

After the event, we offered Kevin a one year contract to work in my office, which he accepted. We were looking forward to him joining the office formally in January 2018 when he found out last saturday, that he has been accepted to do his masters in law (governance) at Australian National University. We wish Kevin all the best in Australia and we look forward to his return.

Interns Needed

My office welcomes anyone interested in an internship experience. We offer a small stipend that will help with lunch and travel costs, and lots of experience. We encourage those interested to undertake at minimum a one month internship. All interns receive a letter of recommendation upon completion of their internship.

As an intern you will be working with my two permanent staff and assisting them in their day to day duties. This includes, but is not limited to administrative work, following up on cases, assisting with research, and occasionally attending community events. If you have ever wondered what an MP’s office does or what an MP’s role in the community is, this is an opportunity to find out.

If you are interested please send your resume and cover letter to