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Star Wars Photoshoot 2017

Last Saturday the P104 office had our annual Star Wars photoshoot. We do this in conjunction with our annual movie fundraiser. It is also an excuse for us to dress up and entertain my kids. Here are a bunch of photos of the P104 family.


I Declare!

Due to a lot of comments and questions coming in, I have updated this posting.

My net asset is estimated at RM2.3 million. Most of my assets are held in fixed deposits and investments.

I do not own any house/property. I have always been happy renting. For more than a decade, I was a tenant at the hip and old 1960s Taman Tunku apartments, paying RM1,500 a month. It was a super fantastic two bedroom apartment with sprawling grounds and nice restaurants below. My fellow tenant neighbours were mostly arty and intellectual types.

When I got married, I moved into my wife’s house. She works and has her own money. I paid for the renovations, but the house is 100% owned by her.

When I became a politician, I also made a conscious decision to keep everything liquid on a “just in case” basis. Being a politician and government critic is a relatively dangerous career. Having a house and a mortgage didn’t seem right and I didn’t see the need to speculate on a second home and become a landlord.

I do not have any debt except RM10,400 for my Honda CRV, owing to Parliament. I bought my Honda CRV under a Parliament pay deduction scheme. I am not a car person and see not much value in owning fancy cars. I much prefer books and art. I have two expensive Rolex watches, both were wedding gifts, one from my father and the other from my father in law. The irony is I hate wearing watches but will keep them for my children.

Appended are all 5 pages of my asset declaration.

Farewell to our “Corpsman”

Busy and fun day today. I will do a weekend wrap up posting tomorrow. In this particular posting, I just want to acknowledge the fantastic job that Sean Tan did in the last 2 months as my intern. Yesterday was his last day with us.

Sean did his second tour of duty in my office from late September to mid November. He came in just in time to assist me with the drafting of the Pakatan Harapan Alternative Budget. He did everything from taking notes, research, edit, write and coordinate everything to do with the budget. In the last 3 weeks before the launch, he also witnessed everything to do with the policy making process.

Sean tells me that he has seen enough of the crazy world of Malaysian politics; witnessing in abundance inflated egos, incompetence, laziness, irresponsibility and pure stupidity. All these have made him renounce politics for the next 10 years.

I wish Sean all the best in the more sane legal and corporate world. I don’t blame him. In fact, I encouraged him to do so and to learn as much as possible from professionals. Only with skills learnt in the real world, can he one day (if he so chooses) bring change to politics. It is my hope that when Sean turns 45, he will be in Parliament fighting for that change we all need.

Goodbye “Baby Driver”!

Today we said goodbye to our intern Cassandra Chung. Due to the budget debates, Cassandra came over to Parliament to say goodbye to me. We had a long chat about her future and I gave her a long lecture on 3 global issues. I also advised her to do 3 things in her future professional life: (a) be on time; (b) take responsibility for any errors; and (c) to continuously improve.

Cassandra served in my office for one month and performed well in both research and community work. She has a bubbly, go-getting character. She is also a team player, getting along with the officers and fellow interns. The one thing I will always remember about Cassandra is her driving me to INVOKE Malaysia for an event. Cassandra blames this hair raising experience on my car’s “too sensitive” brakes!

I also understand that Wyhow bought a load of satay Kajang and Texas Chicken for her final day dinner in the office.

We will all miss having her super smile in the office.

Cassandra, do drop by and visit us when you have time. Once you join the P104 family, you can never, ever, really leave.

Community events and MinNature Malaysia

Hello everyone. With Parliament over for the year, I am back to a normal timetable, which means community issues and events. Our research department is still doing its work but at a more relaxed pace.

This is going to be a short posting of pictures of recent community events. I also want to promote this miniature exhibition MinNature Malaysia, at USJ Summit.



Many thanks to the people at Uthayam NGO, The Mayor of MPSJ, Good Shepards, SS15 Sepak Takraw for their invitations to their events.