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FELDA Settlers Get Money Back!

Good morning. I am happy for Felda settlers that they got their RM270 million land on Jalan Semarak back. But the whole episode is just sad. The Sun this morning carried a photo of the title deed being handed back with all smiles from parties concerned. The article also stressed that the land was returned voluntarily without any costs incurred. While Sharir Samad said that investigations will continue, the picture of all smiles during the return of the land, tells a very different “sudah settled” story.

What does the whole episode tell us about Malaysian justice system under Najib Razak?

If you by some miracle received RM270 million and then a few years later someone finds out, you only need to just voluntarily return it to the owner. But make sure the owner does not “incur any loss”. And remember to take a nice photo with the manager and chairman.

Malaysia under Najib, a truly compassionate country of endless possibilities.

Rafizi’s BAFIA Trial

Good morning from Shah Alam Sessions Court. My interns Seng Kiat and Sean Ferdinand are with me to attend the trial of Rafizi Ramli over the BAFIA Shahrizat Cowgate RM250 million scandal.

Until now the Cowgate scandal has resulted in zero jail time and not even one sen of fine for the people who took cow money to buy luxury condos. Instead, Rafizi Ramli is facing Bank Negara charges for allegedly disclosing bank accounts that helped to expose the Cowgate scandal. This is the sad state of Malaysian justice.

Today, Rafizi is answering questions posed by the public prosecutor. The trial may last a few more days.

End of a Parliament Session

As I have said before, today’s Parliament sitting may very well be the very last one for the 13th Term since GE14 is around the corner.

It is very strange to say goodbye to friends and foes, knowing very well that some will be dropped, some are barred, some are retiring and some will lose in GE14. I want to wish all the best of luck and thank everyone for their service to the nation. Opposition MPs who stayed till the very end of today, spontaneously got together and took this last group photo.


Asset Declaration Exercise!

Have you given up on Malaysian politicians? Do you feel both sides are the same? Why do those in power continue to hide their assets?


Come and meet the MPs and ADUNs that have taken the most extraordinary step to declare their assets. Together with INVOKE Malaysia these brave MPs and ADUNs aim to kickstart a movement to eliminate political corruption.

Come and witness this historic event at USJ Summit, Centre Court from.7.30 pm to 10 pm tonight.

This event is open to all!

Come and meet Rafizi Ramli and some 20 plus MPs and ADUNs.

1. YB Laksmana Imran
2. YB Wong Chen
3. Y bhg Dato Saifuddin Nasution
4. YB Dato Johari Abdul
5. YB Kesavan
6. YB Dato Mahfuz
7. YB Dato Abdullah Sani
8. YB Dr. Hatta Ramli
9. YB Khalid Samad
10. YB Manivanan
11. YB Mujahid
12. YB Chang Lih Kang
13. YB Nik Nazmi
14. YB Hasnul
15. YB Aminuddin Haron
16. Y Bhg Tuan Syed
17. YB Dr Ismail Salleh
18. YB Azan Ismail
19. Y Bhg Dr. Tan Yee Kew
20. YB Rodziah
21. YB Fuziah Salleh
22. YB Saari Sungib
23. YB Dr Idris Ahmad
24. YB Lee Chean Chung
25. YB Tan Kar Hing
26. YB Simon Ooi
27. YB Dr Michael Jayakumar

Politics Aside, Civility is a Priority

After a 3 hour long battle with Dato Johari Ghani, Finance Minister 2 yesterday on the policy stage budget yesterday, we bumped into each other in the Parliament lounge at around 3 pm today.

We shook hands, had a quick friendly chat and posed for a photo.

Before he became a minister and when he was a backbencher, we got to know each other well. He was one of the informal “breakfast club” members; he came an hour early to Parliament, prepared his files and notes ahead for a day of debate. Back then while waiting for Parliament to start, we swapped many corporate stories and occasionally consulted each other on economic and banking issues.

We may have our differences, but I respect his “rajin kerja” work ethics. We will resume our fight tomorrow when the Ministry of Finance budget goes into committee stage.