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Question to the Health Minister

Good morning. It is a rainy morning and at around 7 am, the sky had a strange heavy yellow tint.

After 4 years plus, I have finally been given the number two slot today in Parliament for Question Time. My question to the Health Minister on the high cost of intensive care in private hospital is based on a real life experience of a Subang Jaya family. My question is expected to be answered around 10.10 to 10.30 am this morning.

The family visited my office more than a month ago asking for help to transfer a family member from a private hospital to a public hospital. The victim was in intensive care for 2 months and they ran out of money. The bill came to a staggering RM450,000. We did manage to transfer the victim to a public hospital but unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks later.

The basic policy issue is such; the government must do a comprehensive big data study on the average number of days spent in intensive care units for specific critical illnesses. This study must also encompass baseline costs of such treatment, so to prevent the private sector from overcharging. Such a study can then help to provide a good estimate of costs to families requiring such care, so that they can make informed big financial decisions.

The current situation where consumers are not given proper estimates and information and at the same time, are driven by high emotions to save their loved ones, can be abused and lead to financial ruin of the entire family.

Today, I would recommend the minister to undertake such a study, then follow up with some form of new regulations after consulting with private hospitals on what constitutes reasonable fees. The sad truth is our government hospital’s intensive care beds are extremely limited. The waiting list for such transfers are very long and may take up to a month or more.

In the final analysis this matter is about money; either the private sector lowers its fees or the government will need to build more intensive care facilities.

In that context, please note that MO1 (the kleptocrat in charge), has happily allocated himself for 2018 a whopping development budget of RM12.2 billion to spend, compared to the entire health ministry development budget of RM1.8 billion.

So when the government tells you there is no budget for better schools, hospitals to treat cancer, better policing to fight crime, they are not telling you the full picture. There is money. Just poorly allocated to the kleptocrat.

Netizens’ Disatisfaction Shown

Najib (MO1) is announcing a very, very, very long list of goodies for everyone.

Christmas has come early! But who is going to pay for this? More importantly, we all can trust Santa Claus not to steal any of the toys that he is delivering, the question is can we trust this 1MDB Advisor to do the same?

YB Manivanan Gowin just sent me some snapshots of people following MO1’s speech on RTM and Awani websites. It is so funny to see how angry people are flooding in hate icons on livestream.

On another funny note, while tabling goodies for women, someone shouted “pink diamond for all women!”

Government Budget 2018: Brief Analysis

Here are some numbers from the budget documents.

This budget is going to be RM21 billion bigger than last year, at RM282 billion. And yet Najib (MO1) announces he will magically reduce the deficit from 3% in 2017 to 2.8% for 2018.

So how is he going to do this?

The answer is simple, tax more.

On closer study of the government revenue book, MO1 is going to collect an additional RM20 billion in taxes from the people and companies to pay for his fatter 2018 budget.

Yup, in particular for folks who are unhappy with GST, the MO1 is gonna tax you even more with GST collection. He predicts that for 2018, GST will increase by another RM2.3 billion to hit an all time high of RM44 billion. In other words, MO1 is telling all households to get ready to fork out another RM330 each of GST next year. Hidup MO1!

Lanterns, Gazebos and Hannah Yeoh ft. 1MDB

Good morning. Last night I attended the lantern festival at ss15 Subang Jaya. YB Hannah Yeoh officiated a new gazebo/wakaf there, which was professionally done.

The contractor, Azura has been most impressive in her work. Upon the recommendation from Hannah’s office, we tried her for two small community projects. She did both jobs very well. Community leaders were also very impressed by the friendliness and quality of work. Score one for women entrepreneurs!

I also attended YB Charles Santiago’s 1MDB talk in Klang. I was asked last minute to takeover Tony Pua’s slot. I talked about my first 1MDB press statement on 1st May 2013, just before GE13. A trip down memory lane when the UK Financial Times interviewed me on the Goldman Sachs bond issue for 1MDB.

Little did anyone know then in 2013, the size of the 1MDB scandal. Back then I was concerned about the obscenely generous fees to Goldman. Since then we have learnt everything from pink diamonds, high end mansions and apartments, mega yatch, private jet…billions stolen! DPM sacked, AG removed. We can’t even mention the word 1MDB in Parliament.

I want to thank YB Charles for arm twisting me to talk about 1MDB last night. It jolted back many memories. Malaysians must never forget what MO1 has done to wreck our democracy, crashed the ringgit and stagnate our economy.

My first ever 1MDB interview is here:…/ed31cbde-b222-11e2-8540-00144feabdc0

Monday Night Chat with Wong Chen: Episode 30

As quick as 30 days of June have flown by,
so we’ve shot 30 Monday Night Chats, oh my!
(I’m sorry it’s 30 minutes late—I did try!)

Whether you’ve joined us ever since we first filmed on 26 Sept last year, or tuned in midway through, thank you for watching! Stay till the end of this one to glimpse the future of oil: Bloomberg flies in the face of conventional oil-company wisdom on global oil consumption. What then does the future hold for Malaysia, given our oil dependency?

First, our four fantastic interns (get more serious this week and) present their research topics: One challenges discrimination in all its ugly forms; another pair considers the (soft) power of Malaysian food & culture; while the fourth fights for our Orang Asli.

Boss-man then continues the show: Wong Chen gives his views on Jho Low’s alleged pink-diamond gift to MO1’s wife, the Government’s GST flip-flop, and the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Bank Negara’s (Dr. Mahathir’s?) forex scandal.

With all that gloomy news though, our office seizes every reason to celebrate, so we start with a little 30th-episode party!

– Interns’ research: Leann on discrimination; Megan & Ivan on Malaysia’s soft power; Paul Mae on Orang Asli [0:38] – Q&A: Pink diamond necklace allegedly given by Jho Low to MO1’s wife; Gov’t U-turn on GST for some 60 food items; RCI on forex losses during Dr. Mahathir’s time [4:55] – Policy Monday: Oil & gas [8:37] (- And please don’t mind the text error at [5:16].)