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FELDA Settlers Get Money Back!

Good morning. I am happy for Felda settlers that they got their RM270 million land on Jalan Semarak back. But the whole episode is just sad. The Sun this morning carried a photo of the title deed being handed back with all smiles from parties concerned. The article also stressed that the land was returned voluntarily without any costs incurred. While Sharir Samad said that investigations will continue, the picture of all smiles during the return of the land, tells a very different “sudah settled” story.

What does the whole episode tell us about Malaysian justice system under Najib Razak?

If you by some miracle received RM270 million and then a few years later someone finds out, you only need to just voluntarily return it to the owner. But make sure the owner does not “incur any loss”. And remember to take a nice photo with the manager and chairman.

Malaysia under Najib, a truly compassionate country of endless possibilities.

RTM Interview, Who Knew

A very strange day today. I did an RTM interview at 2.15 pm in Parliament with Tan Sri Shahrir Samad and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. This was suppose to be about Najib’s Budget 2018 but after 5 minutes, it turned out to be more about Pakatan Harapan Alternative Budget. It clearly shows that they are really worried about our budget and economic policies.

The two Tan Sris tried to gang up, working as a tag team. I dismissed their attacks as political, stressing that my position is based on good data and not political spin. I think I answered their questions clearly, dismantling one by one, their arguments. In one bizarre moment, after I explained the math on how to calculate corruption at RM20 to RM25 billion a year, Tan Sri Sharir commented to the RTM crew to edit that segment out.

We shall see what will finally be aired at 8.30 pm tonight at RTM1.

I must say that the RTM camera crew were really nice, and have a more relaxed and open attitude. They openly requested to take photos with me after the show.

Is this Malaysia’s moment of “Perestroika”? Let’s hope so. On my part, I really don’t want to get these hardworking civil servants into unnecessary trouble. As such, I was very diplomatic not to mention 1MDB, because even if I did, they would have no choice but to edit any of my 1MDB comments out.

Najib: Ibu Segala Bajet

Najib is winding up his speech.

No reduction of GST.

No additional BR1M.

Najib then in a most bizzare moment, called himself “Ibu Segala Bajet”.

He then alleged the Opposition to be inconsistent, to which someone replied “the only thing you are consistent is being corrupt”.

Then as finale, Najib announces he will pay all civil servants RM1,000 bonus on 1st Jan 2018 and another RM500 at Hari Raya 2018. Now finally, this is the real Najib! Cash is King!

Lastly, he says the people knows how to evaluate leadership. To which we shouted, Yes! You will be judged.

The speech ends with the Opposition chanting “kleptocracy”.

Lowering of Personal Income Tax

Najib (MO1) announces lowering of personal income tax rates to loud applause of the UMNO BN MPs. However in the government’s own tax estimate for 2018, MO1 is projecting another RM2 billion increase in personal income tax collection. Cakap tak serupa bikin! So in the world of MO1, lowering tax rates will result in more tax collected.

Netizens’ Disatisfaction Shown

Najib (MO1) is announcing a very, very, very long list of goodies for everyone.

Christmas has come early! But who is going to pay for this? More importantly, we all can trust Santa Claus not to steal any of the toys that he is delivering, the question is can we trust this 1MDB Advisor to do the same?

YB Manivanan Gowin just sent me some snapshots of people following MO1’s speech on RTM and Awani websites. It is so funny to see how angry people are flooding in hate icons on livestream.

On another funny note, while tabling goodies for women, someone shouted “pink diamond for all women!”