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MPSJ Awards Night

I attended the MPSJ Awards night yesterday. The event is to give out awards in recognition of the performance and services of the best community associations in Subang Jaya. Some 24 zones are assessed yearly and these awards are mostly dominated by the Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4 under ADUN Subang Jaya, YB Hannah Yeoh.

Every year the battle for the very top award is between Zone 1 and Zone 3. Zone 10 which is under YB Ng Sze Han had a very strong run this year, and picked up the best Zone Bersih award.

Zone 3 emerged the Best Zone of the year. Last year, it was Zone 1 that emerged victorious. This year Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 4 picked up minor awards too. Congrats to all the ADUN Subang Jaya zones for your awards; you certainly deserved it!

BTW we also threw a surprise birthday cake for Hannah too!

Happy Birthday YB Hannah!

A poem for YB Hannah Yeoh on her birthday.

When we ran for office you were there to promote,
When we started office you were there to guide,
When we engaged constituents you were there to introduce,
When we served constituents you were there to advise,
When we dealt with local authorities you were there to navigate,
When our community funds got frozen you defended our honour,
When we needed an ally and friend, you stood by us.

When the nation is directionless, you are a beacon of faith and hope in Malaysian politics.

Nuturing, enlightening, clean, competent and just all round awesome, Happy Birthday YB Hannah!

From the Kelana Jaya P104 Office

Update: Year End Events

Good morning. The office will be busy the next two weeks preparing for our end of year events. Our staff and interns have been individually assigned to lead on specific events.

Megan has been put in charge of our Star Wars movie fundraiser on the 19th of December. She and Abigail will be calling and visiting donors in the next few days to sell our remaining 80 movie tickets. We have sold about 220 tickets so far.

Abigail, our diva and social director will be in charge of planning the year end thanksgiving lunch with YB Hannah’s office. My office do this every year to commemorate how Hannah Yeoh and her wonderful team helped us setup our office in 2013 and also to thank them for all their support and cooperation in 2017. Last year, we had Thai food; this year Abigail is not saying what we will makan. We also have our own office party dinner at my house for volunteers to thank them for their year long free service. I guess, Abigail will also be in charge of this and the interns are expected to play the piano and sing.

We also have our annual office day trip. Last year, we went to Broga hills and had lunch at a fish farm. This year, TIna is in charge of organising a caving trip to Gua Tempurung followed by a lunch at Lawan Kuda.

Lastly, all the interns and staff are working together on our new experimental community outreach program this Saturday. We had very good success with the family portraits project a few months ago. Now we are gonna try to roll out a talk on practical financial planning for the poor, provide advice on how to reduce utility bills and lastly demonstrate preventive fire safety measures for the low cost flat environment. We will be holding the community event in Block 5 of the urban poor area of Desa Mentari. If the project is successful, we will be replicating this more widely to other urban poor areas.

October Cheers, Not Beers

Hi. Last weekend was a bit if a mix, with an extremely busy Saturday of 7 events and a free Sunday with the family.

Firstly, on Friday night, I went to the October Cheers event where I had some great bratwurst. The event was good clean fun with live bands. Then on Saturday morning, I started the day at 8am with a gotong royong in USJ6, which was attended by around 10 Indonesian students from Taylor’s College (lakeside). Then it was to MPSJ to celebrate the International Day for Older Persons with around 150 senior citizens. After that I went to USJ4 for a family day event. Then to USJ2 for a Voluntary Patrol Unit event where the organisation launched two new patrol cars.

In the evening, I went to Laman Sukan USJ1 Hokkien Association Lantern Festival event to distribute free moon cakes at around 6 pm. Then I went to SS19 Subang Jaya for a lantern festival gathering, where I met my old friend Razeek. I first met Razeek in 1997, on a trekking expedition to Pakistan and Afghanistan. After that I went to the USJ 13 family day where we did a lantern festival walkabout before returning back to Laman Sukan USJ 1 around 10 pm, ending the day at 11pm . It was an incredibly long day for Hannah Yeoh and I.

The good thing is that on Sunday, I got to spend the entire day with my family. The kids and I did bird watching, butterfly catching, badminton, chess, memory games and swimming. We even walked to our neighbourhood mall to drop my work shoes to the cobbler.

After the kids went to bed at 8 pm, my wife and I went to the movies and saw Blade Runner 2049. This is an amazing movie and it is the best movie I have seen this year! It is very long (almost 3 hours), slow burning but exquisitely and faithfully told. It is such a thoughtful sequel. A must see for all Blade Runner fans. And I didn’t even fall asleep at all, not for a single second!


Lanterns, Gazebos and Hannah Yeoh ft. 1MDB

Good morning. Last night I attended the lantern festival at ss15 Subang Jaya. YB Hannah Yeoh officiated a new gazebo/wakaf there, which was professionally done.

The contractor, Azura has been most impressive in her work. Upon the recommendation from Hannah’s office, we tried her for two small community projects. She did both jobs very well. Community leaders were also very impressed by the friendliness and quality of work. Score one for women entrepreneurs!

I also attended YB Charles Santiago’s 1MDB talk in Klang. I was asked last minute to takeover Tony Pua’s slot. I talked about my first 1MDB press statement on 1st May 2013, just before GE13. A trip down memory lane when the UK Financial Times interviewed me on the Goldman Sachs bond issue for 1MDB.

Little did anyone know then in 2013, the size of the 1MDB scandal. Back then I was concerned about the obscenely generous fees to Goldman. Since then we have learnt everything from pink diamonds, high end mansions and apartments, mega yatch, private jet…billions stolen! DPM sacked, AG removed. We can’t even mention the word 1MDB in Parliament.

I want to thank YB Charles for arm twisting me to talk about 1MDB last night. It jolted back many memories. Malaysians must never forget what MO1 has done to wreck our democracy, crashed the ringgit and stagnate our economy.

My first ever 1MDB interview is here:…/ed31cbde-b222-11e2-8540-00144feabdc0