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Netizens’ Disatisfaction Shown

Najib (MO1) is announcing a very, very, very long list of goodies for everyone.

Christmas has come early! But who is going to pay for this? More importantly, we all can trust Santa Claus not to steal any of the toys that he is delivering, the question is can we trust this 1MDB Advisor to do the same?

YB Manivanan Gowin just sent me some snapshots of people following MO1’s speech on RTM and Awani websites. It is so funny to see how angry people are flooding in hate icons on livestream.

On another funny note, while tabling goodies for women, someone shouted “pink diamond for all women!”

The End of a Long Week

I got home at 1.30 am (past midnight) from the INVOKE Malaysia event on Tuesday night. My loyal, hardworking and underpaid staff and interns stayed till the very end. Rafizi Ramli did most of the briefing, I played a minor role. Am attaching pictures of the event.

The Alternative Budget 2018 is now being translated by an external source. We have been working on this document for 45 days. With the work now outside of our control, we can rest a few days. So I have decided to take a short holiday with my wife and kids tomorrow. The kids have been restless during this one week of school break and I have been neglecting them of late.

We will be doing a cuti-cuti Malaysia short trip. First stop will be Gua Tempurung, then Kellie’s Castle and some local Gopeng makan. After lunch we will go to Ipoh and explore why the Lonely Planet has named Ipoh as a top 10 destination in Asia! Ipoh food is expected to be glorious. Yesterday, at the imoney talk, Prof. Jomo told me that Ipoh is now a great arts destination with artists resettling there due to cheaper property and lower cost of living.

We will be staying at Sekeping Kong Heng and tomorrow night I will meet up with some local PKR leaders to answer questions on economic policies (I can’t really stop working). On Friday, we will continue to explore Ipoh and eat more stuff before heading back to KL after lunch.

My staff will see me on Saturday and Sunday as we prepare the final layout of the Alternative Budget. My staff will also read and research the first 4 legislative bills that will be tabled in Parliament starting next Monday. This weekend is going to be pure legislative work. We have deferred all community events so that we can focus on the upcoming Parliamentary debates. I will try to debate as many bills that I can handle in this sitting. In the last July/August sitting, I debated 7 bills. I want to try to top that record. I am also expected to debate extensively on the budget itself. I must emphasise that this budget session is the most important event of the year for MPs.

On the Deepavali visits today, I want to thank YB Manivanan Gowin and Guna/Uma for being wonderful hosts. I also managed to drop by Desa Mentari to visit the scene of the fires. I spoke to En. Zaini and En.Norizan, the local community leaders who explained the complex issue of racial politics in dense urban poverty zones. I also asked YB Manivanan for his valued opinion on the matter of fireworks in the context of Deepavali. This issue clearly needs sensitivity to cultural needs as well as public safety.

The local leaders lamented that despite being banned, fireworks are openly being sold on the streets. These traders have obviously taken care of the enforcement authorities, who then turn a blind eye. The ban is not only failing but actually promotes corruption and abuses of power. YB Manivanan proposed a different solution; legalise but control the sale and usage of fireworks. He proposed the banning of all extreme fireworks, thus allowing the sale of milder fireworks for cultural purposes. In addition, he argued a designated and supervised open space should be allocated for 5 nights, rather than the current free for all dangerous discharge of fireworks in common properties of flats.

I want to explore more options on the issue. I will ask one of my new interns to look into this and see if we can discover any successful policies applied in other countries. We may do a Policy Monday on this topic in the near future.

To Do, To Do

Good morning. Yesterday, I started my events at 9 am in Desa Mentari Block 7 gotong royong and ended the day at 10.30 pm in the Church of Divine Mercy, Glenmarie for a talk. The highlight of the day was the INVOKE Malaysia event to launch of the book Bina Semula Negara by YB Rafizi Ramli and Eric Lee. I gave the opening speech, followed by YB Rodziah, YB Manivanan Gowin and YB Abdullah Sani.

After that Rafizi gave a long briefing on the book, then the Pakatan Harapan panelists took the stage for Q& A. Incidentally, this morning I will be hosting the same policy group (YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming – 王建民, Dr Rais Husin, Dr Dzul) at my office to present the policy paper that my office worked on last year. The idea is my office will share the paper and get feedback and improvements from the policy committee.

I am expecting a very busy day ahead. I also have a 1230 pm meeting together with YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad with the police in Sungai Way to discuss the Blok 2 Desa Mentari dispute. Then at 4 pm, I will accompany YB Hannah Yeoh to make a police report at USJ 8 balai. Then we have a Jom Shopping event for Ramadhan and Hari Raya. Lastly, we have service night, where I will try to mediate the Blok 2 dispute.

A Moment of Respite

Good morning. Parliament is in recess until July. I am taking this morning slowly and not go to office. Instead I will be a father today and do family things. I dropped my children off to school and now having a slow breakfast of curry noodles.

Immediately after Parliament ended yesterday, I joined a few MPs (Manivanan Gowin, Darell Leiking, Gooi Hsiao Leung and Sim Tze Tzin) for an end of Parliament dinner of Sarawak laksa. Then I joined Dr Dzul and Tony Pua for an INVOKE livestream discussion event on economics. I got home around 1030 pm, sorted my Parliamentary papers and went to bed around midnight.

This morning, I am still sleep deprived but will soon go to the 1Utama mall to exchange my son’s new shoes, which are a size too small. Then I will pick up the kids from school, probably take them swimming and go to bed early.

I have been thinking a lot about yesterday’s 355 event. This coming Monday Night Chat my office will present a special 355 episode. As the drama unfolded yesterday in Parliament my team shot in real time unscripted, raw video footage of what transpired in the halls of power. So stay tuned for that special episode this coming Monday at 7.30 pm.

It is obvious that PAS has finally revealed its true colours for the entire Malaysian public to see; that their top leadership are in an unholy alliance with UMNO. Rafizi Ramli has also exposed yesterday that this unholy alliance is allegedly greased by stolen 1MDB money. Below is his press statement on the matter:


7 APRIL 2017


Saya sedia maklum jawapan rasmi Setiausaha Agung PAS, YB Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan kepada kenyataan saya mengenai dana berkaitan 1MDB yang dipindahkan dan sampai kepada seorang tokoh yang rapat dengan pimpinan PAS sekarang. Beliau menyeru supaya saya menyerahkan bukti yang saya ada kepada SPRM supaya SPRM boleh segera menyiasat.

Saya ingin memaklumkan kepada rakyat bahawa SPRM sudah pun menyiasat aliran dana dari akaun-akaun yang disiasat berhubung dana 1MDB yang dipindahkan ke akaun peribadi Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. Dari siasatan itu, satu aliran dikesan sampai kepada tokoh yang rapat dengan pimpinan PAS itu.

Oleh itu, tidak timbul soal segera menyerahkan bukti kepada SPRM seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Datuk Takiyuddin itu. Namun, saya akan mendedahkan nama tokoh tersebut dalam masa beberapa minggu ini dan selepas itu, saya akan membuat laporan SPRM supaya SPRM dapat merujuk kembali kepada kertas siasatannya sendiri.

Setelah saya menamakan tokoh tersebut, ia akan menjadi ujian besar kepada UMNO dan PAS seperti berikut:

1. Pimpinan UMNO akan bergelut sekali lagi dengan isu campur tangan dalam pentadbiran keadilan negara sekiranya Peguam Negara sekali lagi menutup kes walaupun kertas siasatan telah selesai dan bukti telah dikumpul oleh SPRM;

2. Pimpinan PAS di segenap peringkat perlu menyemak sama ada mereka pernah sekali-kali menerima bantuan kewangan, derma, infaq atau dana (dalam apa jua bentuk dan bagi apa jua tujuan) dari tokoh yang saya namakan itu kerana ada kemungkinan besar ia dana dari wang rakyat yang dibelanjakan melalui 1MDB. Sebagai sebuah parti yang mengaku mengangkat Islam, setiap pemimpin PAS perlu lebih teliti dari semua parti lain mengenai asal usul sumber kewangan mereka untuk mengelakkan sumber yang disifatkan syubhah (diragui).
Saya pada mulanya tidak berniat untuk membawa isu ini tetapi episod di Parlimen semalam mengesahkan bagaimana isu penambahbaikan mahkamah syariah telah dimainkan lebih dari setahun demi memberi ruang bernafas kepada Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Setelah ditangguhkan 3 kali, jelas bahawa isu yang dibawa oleh PAS melalui rang undang-undang persendirian untuk meminda Akta 355 (RUU355) akan terus dijadikan umpan oleh Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. Sementara saya bersedia untuk berbahas sepenuhnya dan memberikan pandangan bagaimana cara terbaik menambahbaik mahkamah syariah, persetujuan di luar dewan di antara Dato’ Seri Najib dan PAS (seperti yang disahkan oleh Dato’ Seri S Subramaniam, presiden MIC bahawa keputusan itu telah dipersetujui lebih awal di Majlis Tertinggi Barisan Nasional) menunjukkan Dato’ Seri Najib tidak berniat pun untuk menambahbaik mahkamah syariah.

Isu RUU355 telah dijadikan umpan untuk memastikan PAS kekal berkecuali sebagai blok ketiga dan tidak bersuara dalam isu-isu penting seperti 1MDB. Jika Parlimen bersidang untuk Belanjawan 2018 dalam bulan Oktober, saya yakin PAS sekali lagi akan berkecuali semasa pengundian belanjawan kerana bimbang akan menjejaskan persefahamannya dengan Dato’ Seri Najib yang berkisar mengenai RUU355.

Oleh itu, selagi polemik isu RUU355 ini tidak diselesaikan, selagi itulah kelebihan berada di tangan Dato’ Seri Najib untuk bermuslihat politik dari semasa ke semasa dengan menggunakan PAS.

Setelah saya bersangka baik lebih setahun dan berharap agar RUU355 ini dapat dibahaskan sama seperti semua rang undang-undang yang lain, saya yakin segala yang berlaku di Parlimen, bila diambil kira pula soal dana 1MDB yang mengalir ke tokoh yang rapat dengan pimpinan PAS, mewajarkan saya memutuskan bahawa PAS akan terus “dipegang” Dato’ Seri Najib selagi isu RUU355 ini dibenarkan berpanjangan.

Oleh sebab itulah, saya berpandangan adalah menjadi tanggungjawab saya berdepan terus dengan PAS dan UMNO sekaligus mengenai kedua-dua isu ini supaya rakyat boleh kembali kepada isu yang paling penting iaitu kebajikan rakyat yang terlalu terbeban dengan pelbagai kenaikan harga barang, peluang pekerjaan yang sempit dan gaji yang berkurangan.


Rafizi Ramli

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