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To Do, To Do

Good morning. Yesterday, I started my events at 9 am in Desa Mentari Block 7 gotong royong and ended the day at 10.30 pm in the Church of Divine Mercy, Glenmarie for a talk. The highlight of the day was the INVOKE Malaysia event to launch of the book Bina Semula Negara by YB Rafizi Ramli and Eric Lee. I gave the opening speech, followed by YB Rodziah, YB Manivanan Gowin and YB Abdullah Sani.

After that Rafizi gave a long briefing on the book, then the Pakatan Harapan panelists took the stage for Q& A. Incidentally, this morning I will be hosting the same policy group (YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming – 王建民, Dr Rais Husin, Dr Dzul) at my office to present the policy paper that my office worked on last year. The idea is my office will share the paper and get feedback and improvements from the policy committee.

I am expecting a very busy day ahead. I also have a 1230 pm meeting together with YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad with the police in Sungai Way to discuss the Blok 2 Desa Mentari dispute. Then at 4 pm, I will accompany YB Hannah Yeoh to make a police report at USJ 8 balai. Then we have a Jom Shopping event for Ramadhan and Hari Raya. Lastly, we have service night, where I will try to mediate the Blok 2 dispute.

UK Odyssey

30 January 2016

Good morning, it’s 7.30 am London time. I finally had a good straight 8 hours of sleep last night.

It is also great to wake up to the news of the Swiss Authorities are now asking where is US$4 billion. This coverage is in some UK newspapers too. See the original media statement from the Swiss AG office below.

Note that the USD 4 billion suspected of misappropriation covers only the period 2009 to 2013. Interestingly, it also mentions Genting and Ananda Krishnan’s Tanjong, presumably this refers to the power plant deals in 2013?


31 January 2016

Good morning from UK. I am on the train on the way to Manchester to spend the day there meeting Malaysians.

Yesterday, we had a good day in London. We were at University College London to meet some 30 students around 3 pm to 5pm. Then we went to a public forum in Chinatown. It was a good crowd of 240. It was a good session, less rhetorics more on policies. The video of the event will be up in about one week or so.


1 February 2016


Good morning from London. Yesteday, Rafizi Ramli, Nik Nazmi and I went to Manchester for a day trip to meet with Malaysians there.

We had an open forum followed by another closed door event. It was a reasonably good (mostly students) crowd of about 90 pax and then a smaller group of 30.

The questions were mostly very good, from philosophical to policy and economic stuff. Some questions were hard hitting and cerebral. It was also really touching to meet students and hearing about their aspirations for Malaysia. I generally tell them to focus on careers first for at least 10 to 15 years before going into full time politics. It’s very important they pick up necessary working skills and understand the real world, before diving into the unreal world of politics. I also had quite a lot of inquiries for internship in my office.

I was particularly happy to see my former intern Alycia, who is currently studying in Liverpool. She made a special trip to meet up.

Manchester, as usual was raining. We had a meal in the curry mile and then hopped on the train back to London.

Today, Raf and I are going to Bristol around lunch time (Nik is flying back tonight). So this morning, am gonna try to do a quick visit of the National Art Gallery and National Potrait before catching the train at Waterloo.


2 February 2016 

Good morning. It’s 7.30 am in London. Yesterday was a good day but very dull, cold and windy. I visited the National Gallery and National Potrait Gallery in the morning then rushed to catch a train to Bristol at noon.

At Bristol, we were greeted by a crowd of 100 students. We did a 2.5 hours forum in the hall and after having to vacate the hall, continued outside the hall. There is a lot of concern about the state of government finances and many are worried about scholarship cuts.

My rapid fire Q&A session with students outside the hall, revealed that students are able to form and grasp critical ideas. They are far more engaged now than when I was a student in the UK. It was a long but fruitful day, arriving back in London close to midnight.

Today, Rafizi and I will be going to the UK Parliament to visit some UK MPs to discuss bilateral issues.

Rafizi Ramli and I went to UK Parliament this morning. We had a very productive meeting with Rt Hon Ann Clwyd, a senior Labour MP. We discussed a wide range of issues. Tomorrow, we are going to the the UK Foreign Office for a meeting.


Hari Raya Events

I put up postings on community events primarily to thank the people who organised them. So a big thank you to Surau Al-hijrah Good Year Court 2 for organising a simple but delicious Hari Raya lunch. Thank you to YB Nik Nazmi for inviting me to his Hari Raya open house event in his office. It was good to catch up with Iman, YB Nik’s better half. Lastly, thank you to USJ 4 and in particular Sharon for a great community event.



Support for Sister Stella’s Tuition Centre

For all the troubles in Block 2 Desa Mentari, there is an oasis of hope that is Sister Stella’s Tuition Centre.

This low cost, locally based community tuition centre is a super clever outfit. Sister Stella (a Catholic nun) incorporates even yoga to calm kids down. They gained some recognition after my office led by Gillian, proposed to YB Nik’s Exco office, the centre as a workable model to be adopted for all Desa Mentari.

We hope the Exco Education office will carry through and roll out a state policy. 

Today for starters, YB Nik handed over a cheque of RM10,000. Last year my office burst our budget and gave her RM5,000 and we will repeat our contribution again in June this year. Anyone interested in helping out can contact my office via



Nik Nazmi’s Unlawful Detention

This is how the BN government treats a lawmaker. YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad
 is photographed without shoes and in prison attire, handcuffed. He is being remanded for 3 days to supposedly help government’s investigation for the Saturday rally. There are thousands of photos and videos online about the rally, what use is the remand order but an abuse of power. Lawan tetap lawan!