Budget Prep, Desa Ria & Desa Mentari with Kak Wan, Subang VPU

I have been busy with the Pakatan Rakyat alternative budget which is coming up to debate in the next Parliamentary session, starting the 2nd week of October.

The alternative budget team comprises of Rafizi, Dr Fahmi Ngah, Shao Loong and myself from PKR, Dr Ong Kian Meng from DAP and Dr Dzul and Azmeer from PAS. The team is organising data, analyses and issues. We have started writing with a target for completion by end of the month.

Last weekend, on community engagements I had 4 events. 2 weeks ago was super busy with some 12 events. So this weekend was at a nice leisurely pace.

For Saturday 8 am, I joined a gotong royong in Desaria 5a. Later at 9.30 am, I officiated block 2 Desa Mentari PASTI sports event. Kak Wan graced these two events. She is doing a meet the people of Selangor initiative and her presence drew in a record crowd of gotong royong people.

Later on Saturday night, I had a mooncake event at the low cost flats in PJS7 with Hannah. PJS 7 is a model success story of low cost housing. Hannah and the JMB team of Mr. Kok and Mary worked tirelessly to upgrade the facilities. They built a community hall and painted the place up. It is really a stark difference compared to Desaria.

Yesterday, I met the voluntary patrol unit (VPU) aasociation of Subang Jaya for a lunch makan. I met their new chairman Mr.Chan, a fine gentleman. It was good to see the police and VPU together working to fight crime in Selangor.

Desa Mentari Sukan Pasti Event
Gotong-royong at Desa Ria
With the Voluntary Patrol Unit of Subang Jaya

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