Desa Ria and Desa Mentari Deepavali Celebrations

Today I attended two Deepavali celebrations in Desa Mentari Block 3 and Desaria.

Block 3 is the most functional low cost flat in Desa Mentari. The social cohesion is strong and the Malay and Indian communities genuinely get along. A lot of credit goes to En. Azzim, the chairman and his team. Azzim is an Indian who converted to Islam and he is the bridge linking both communities. He has also ensured that both communities share responsibilities and powers in both the Rukun Tetangga and JMB.

The Desaria Deepavali event was sponsored by YB Nik Nazmi. Every year YB Nik will have a Deepavali event on a rotation basis between several Indian communities in Seri Setia. Congratulations to Yogen and the organising committee for a wonderful event.






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