Uthayam Association Launch and Jom Kerja Program

I just finished the Uthayam association launch with YB Nik and councillor Halimi. I also attended the Jom Kerja program by Harmoni, an ex councillor at block 5.

On the way to my car, I dropped by block 1 to chat with the community on water and electricity woes. After our efforts 2 weeks ago to engage, support and appoint community leaders (a group of women led by Marina) to take charge of Block 1, these women have done a most wonderful job.

They collected enough money to pay the water and electricity bills. They also got money to repair the water tank that has been leaking for half a year. Repairs in fact started this morning! 

The leason we learnt is the community, however poor can organise and help themselves. All they needed was the support of politicians to give them the confidence to act on behalf of the community.




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