Press Conference: 1MDB questions Rejected by Speaker

First Day of Parliament and I lost my voice at lunch time. It’s been a busy day for me, where YB Gooi, YB Raja Bahrain and I did a quick press conference on 1MDB. All of us received letters from Parliament rejecting our 1MDB related questions. After that I had to do a powerpoint presentation to Pakatan Harapan Presidential council members on the Alternative Budget. Then I crossed over to attend the PKR pre-council meeting conducted by Chief Whip Dato Johari Abdul. In the process of running about, I did several quick interviews. Tomorrow, I have to brief Pakatan Harapan MPs on the budget.

I am sleeping early tonight, as I am down with a minor flu and massive sore throat.

Here are some news items on my work today:…/mp-parliament-not-allow…/…/malaysian-mps…/2203126.html…/No-confidence-PM-wont-succeed-…/

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