Ground breaking Football Game?

More Kelana Jaya community news. Yesterday I took Mr. Tan and friends to have a look at the Desaria football field project. I had previously brought two sets of contractors to look at this, and one qouted RM8,000 and another seemed uninterested.

Anyway the good news is Mr. Tan has agreed to be on board and will start work next week for RM5,000 for leveling, drainage and providing 2 new metal goalposts with net. Once paperwork is completed on Monday, this projek kecil will be ready to start.

Hopefully we can get everything ready and we play our ground breaking football game in two weeks. Which means, I have to find my old football boots and start jogging a bit beforehand.


More news. It’s been a very busy last 2 days. Firstly, my deepest thanks to Vanessa who kindly donated a laptop to one of my constituents who is in need. Her generosity and support is fully appreciated and welcomed by my office. It really helps when constituents help us to help others in need.


Secondly, I want to wish Andrew Herrup from the US Embassy all the best in his new posting to Malawi. Andrew worked hard on the TPPA and despite our differences (he promoting, me opposing), I enjoyed his arguments and company. I went to the US Embassy celebrations last night to say goodbye. Andrew flew back to the US this morning.


BTW, I will publish my position paper on Hudud later today. So do stand by for that.

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