Happy Deepavali from P104!

On the eve of Deepavali, I just finished visiting my poorest constituents in Desa Ria. The residents there under the new leadership of Prakash, pulled together some money and raised RM1,500 to provide a bag of rice and an uncooked chicken each to 60 of the poorest families. This is a program not initiated by me and is funded 100% by the local residents. I was informed this morning to drop by if I can. And I am so glad to have dropped by.



In darkness, all it takes a small spark to create light. In extreme hardship, there is still hope, charity and community. The Desa Ria residents are the poorest 10% and their good deed today gives hope that Malaysia can still be better for all.

May light triumph over darkness. Happy Deepavali to all my constituents.


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