Monday Night Chat with Wong Chen: Episode 19

Watch Wong Chen delve into the million-dollar question you’ve been asking as you watched the ringgit plummet: Why’s my ringgit worth less & less?! On Policy Monday, find out what affects the ringgit’s value.

But first, we tackle viewers’ questions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a single-payer healthcare system (what is it, & would it work in Malaysia?), and Saudi King Salman’s visit to Malaysia.

Finally, Abigail covers a flurry of Wong Chen’s activities—a staggering five events on Sunday! (I asked him how he does it; he replied, “Stamina.”)

Tania here apologising for the hour-late posting, and a typo in the video: at 1:17, the definition for “single-payer healthcare” should be “ONE payer (typically the government) pays.” We all make mistakes; I make it up to you with bloopers at the end where, yes, Wong Chen makes mistakes on camera. Enjoy!

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