Monday Night Chat with Wong Chen: Episode 34

Hello! Tania here, and with Megan away until December, I’m back on duty for Monday Night Chat with Wong Chen.

This week, Wong Chen brings you daily updates from Parliament (yes, he has perfect attendance). Find out what’s been happening in our country’s supreme (in theory, at least) law-making body as it sits for the second time this year.

We’re so glad to welcome on board Tina Lai as P104’s newest staff/officer/researcher/writer/driver/peacemaker/videomaker (she edited her own segment herself!), i.e. one-leg-kick-all. She makes a quirky, merry appearance for less than a minute, but you’ll certainly see more of her from now on.

Wong Chen wraps it up with Q&A, ending with his thoughts on Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr. M.

Learn all about, in under 10 minutes [or less if you skip to timestamps]:
– Last Week in Parliament: 24–27 July 2017 in daily reports [00:26] – Staff Intro: Valentina Lai [05:06] – Q&A: Donations to Rafizi for RM300k NFC fine; legislating Uber and Grab; Mahathir as PH chairperson [06:03]

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