Busy as a (Y)B-ee

It’s been a very busy morning for me. It has been a morning of endless meetings, one with federal welfare officer and another with a local community leader from Seri Setia. There was also a local resident having a dispute with his tenants, seeking advice. Then I also gave a short lecture on fiscal policy to my interns and staff.

This posting is to recap and put up pics of the events I attended this weekend and to thank all who hosted, volunteered and helped.

Saturday was the Jom Durian event, where YB Hannah Yeoh out makan me on durians. She really loves her durians.Then at night, we had a Merdeka celebration event in USJ 5. Thank you to Dato Jimmy and all the USJ 5 AJK for the good food and great hospitality. On Sunday, we had our medical camp in Kampung Lindungan, followed by a free petrol for the poor in Desa Mentari.

Lastly, I made a short appearance at the new Empire City to support the officiating of the SEA Games ice rink.

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