A toast to INVOKE and Rafizi!

Today is INVOKE Malaysia‘s first anniversary. To celebrate, the staff decorated the office and threw a party. Awards were given out to the best employees. It is also Rafizi Ramli‘s birthday too.

We have come a long way. What started as a conversation between Rafizi, Andrew Claster and myself in Parliament in March 2016 has now grown to a 90+ employees strong unit today.

Invoke continues to be driven by young, brilliant and commited graduates, all of whom have taken pay cuts to serve the nation. We run big data analytics, social media reach, election training and a mobile truck to reach rural areas. We publish our accounts for all to see and have a strong compliance and procurement department. It is run professionally and transparently.

It is supported by fifteen thousands donors who gave an average of RM200 each. Invoke is thus driven by grassroots and not captured by tycoons and powerful interests.

Happy Birthday INVOKE!

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