Lanterns, Gazebos and Hannah Yeoh ft. 1MDB

Good morning. Last night I attended the lantern festival at ss15 Subang Jaya. YB Hannah Yeoh officiated a new gazebo/wakaf there, which was professionally done.

The contractor, Azura has been most impressive in her work. Upon the recommendation from Hannah’s office, we tried her for two small community projects. She did both jobs very well. Community leaders were also very impressed by the friendliness and quality of work. Score one for women entrepreneurs!

I also attended YB Charles Santiago’s 1MDB talk in Klang. I was asked last minute to takeover Tony Pua’s slot. I talked about my first 1MDB press statement on 1st May 2013, just before GE13. A trip down memory lane when the UK Financial Times interviewed me on the Goldman Sachs bond issue for 1MDB.

Little did anyone know then in 2013, the size of the 1MDB scandal. Back then I was concerned about the obscenely generous fees to Goldman. Since then we have learnt everything from pink diamonds, high end mansions and apartments, mega yatch, private jet…billions stolen! DPM sacked, AG removed. We can’t even mention the word 1MDB in Parliament.

I want to thank YB Charles for arm twisting me to talk about 1MDB last night. It jolted back many memories. Malaysians must never forget what MO1 has done to wreck our democracy, crashed the ringgit and stagnate our economy.

My first ever 1MDB interview is here:…/ed31cbde-b222-11e2-8540-00144feabdc0

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