RTM Interview, Who Knew

A very strange day today. I did an RTM interview at 2.15 pm in Parliament with Tan Sri Shahrir Samad and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. This was suppose to be about Najib’s Budget 2018 but after 5 minutes, it turned out to be more about Pakatan Harapan Alternative Budget. It clearly shows that they are really worried about our budget and economic policies.

The two Tan Sris tried to gang up, working as a tag team. I dismissed their attacks as political, stressing that my position isĀ based on good data and not political spin. I think I answered their questions clearly, dismantling one by one, their arguments. In one bizarre moment, after I explained the math on how to calculate corruption at RM20 to RM25 billion a year, Tan Sri Sharir commented to the RTM crew to edit that segment out.

We shall see what will finally be aired at 8.30 pm tonight at RTM1.

I must say that the RTM camera crew were really nice, and have a more relaxed and open attitude. They openly requested to take photos with me after the show.

Is this Malaysia’s moment of “Perestroika”? Let’s hope so. On my part, I really don’t want to get these hardworking civil servants into unnecessary trouble. As such, I was very diplomatic not to mention 1MDB, because even if I did, they would have no choice but to edit any of my 1MDB comments out.

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