Toilet Break in Parliament (?)

A fiasco in Parliament at around 3 pm when the Deputy Minister failed to get a seconder in order to table the intellectual property bill. No UMNO-BN minister was on hand to second the bill, forcing the Speaker to adjourn the sitting. The UMNO BN MPs then scrambled to look for any available UMNO BN minister to do the job. In my almost 5 years of being in Parliament, this has to be the biggest joke ever! See pic below on how empty the hall was on the UMNO BN side.

Some 10 minutes later, a couple of deputy ministers were brought in. The Speaker then came in at 3.12 pm to cheers from the Opposition. The Speaker then sportingly joked that the real reason he adjourned the sitting was because he had to go to the toilet. To which, the Opposition MPs broke into full laughter.

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