Backing the Opposition Leader’s Budget Speech

Here is my budget speech delivered at 2.40 pm just now. As fate has it, I have been given the honour to speak after Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail on behalf of PKR on the budget.

I was allocated 20 minutes and divided my speech into 3 segments.

The first segment dealt with the fiscal numbers on GST and Income Tax, and also the Prime Minister’s super bloated expenditure budget.

The second segment dealt with the idea that we must have a bi-partisan approach to economic growth policies. I believe that both sides want to see our country succeed, but the other side must first commit to eradicating wastage and corruption.

Lastly, I gave an impromptu appeal to the other side to abandon support for MO1, the kleptocrat. My appeal got the full attention of the Speaker and nods and cautious smiles from several BN Borneo MPs!

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