Defamation against Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Together with a few Pakatan Harapan MPs, we went to JAWI to file a “qazaf” report against the Tambun MP, Husni Hanadzlah for defaming Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament. Husni in his budget speech last Wednesday, claimed that Anwar had sodomised his relative.

This is the same Husni that resigned as Finance Minister 2 last year and all his UMNO posts. The talk in Parliament then was his resignation was due to his refusal to defend the 1MDB issue. There was also rumours that he might join Dr Mahathir’s Bersatu.

So the speech that he gave last Wednesday was a real surprise to all. It was a 180 degree turn; Husni is now firmly back as a Najib hardcore loyalist. Rumour in Parliament is that he will seek to defend his Tambun seat and is also eyeing an ADUN seat too. Perhaps he is angling to become the next MB of Perak?

He also made an incredible proclamation in his budget speech that Najib will leave behind a “no corruption” legacy for Malaysia.

After JAWI, we gave a press conference in Parliament on the same issue.

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