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Abun Sui, the hero from Bakun

Here is a poster of ABUN SUI prepared by my staff Amir and intern Min Xiang. The process took a lot of work. First, I took some 50 photos of ABUN in Sarawak last week when I was there, and then we narrowed the 50 photos down to the best 6. Then Amir worked on a backdrop with a flying horn-bill and the Font for his name. We looked at at least 4 design permutations with different photos and finally settled on the version below.

We intend to run a fundraising event for ABUN SUI (to be announced) and will welcome any financial donations to his election campaign.

He is a lawyer fighting for Native Customary Rights lands against unscrupulous timber and palm oil companies. Clare Rewcastle of Sarawak Report describes him as a decent and true activist. I see him as “The Hero From Bakun”. Stay tuned for more news and how you can help elect ABUN.


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