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Affordable Housing and PERMATA

MEDIA STATEMENT: AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND PERMATA Good morning. I spent half a day in INVOKE yesterday to help out with the national level campaign. We also launched our daily press conference campaign from INVOKE SPACE. I started the ball rolling by doing a press conference on the subject matter of BN manifesto on public and affordable housing. I gave a very simple message; based on PR1MA's performance (completed only 16,000 affordable homes out of the target of 500,000 in 7 years), Najib has only delivered 3.2% of what he promised. So you can basically rubbish 96.8% of his manifesto! Rafizi Ramli followed up with his press statement and observations on Permata, Rosmah's flagship project. Then I went to my office to reorganise the office space, converting it into a campaign HQ. The officers and interns also stayed until 11 pm to finish up all our previous office work. We don't take on any new complaints or files since Parliament has dissolved, but we are still obligated to finish up all outstanding work before the dissolution. We also officially started on the campaign work focusing mostly on design and editing. You can watch Rafizi's and my press conference from yesterday.


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