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APEC Briefing And New Interns

03 December 2019

Good morning from Parliament. This is a recap of events that I did not report on yesterday.

In the late morning, I had a Public Accounts Committee meeting with Ministry of Finance officers, including the KSU. Then I had a meeting with a representative from Open Promises, Seah Eu Hen a bright young man doing law in BAC. OpenPromises Malaysia track the manifesto fulfilment of Pakatan Harapan. Needless to say, the findings are not good la.

Then, there was an APEC briefing by MITI, where we will host the week long event meeting in November with a budget of RM300 million. Then, I spent an hour with my new interns Daniel and Hiu Naam. Also Adriana, my new volunteer.

After Parliament, I had a good strategy meeting with my volunteers and officers in my house. The meeting ended at 10 pm. We try to do a once a week meeting to touch base on strategy, policies and also office matters.


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