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Appeal for Taman Kelana Indah Residents’ Association

My office receives requests for pledges from different kinds of community organisations, and we give as much as our limited budget allows. Recently, the newly formed Taman Kelana Indah Residents’ Association submitted a pledge request with estimated costs for their yearly activities. One of these activities is to organise computer classes for senior citizens on the weekend. I think it is very important to include and engage senior citizens in our communities.

However, the Resident’s Association does not have the equipment to begin these classes. My office can only pledge RM 1,000, which is a small portion of their overall estimated costs. I would like to appeal on behalf of the Taman Kelana Indah Residents’ Association for donations of computer equipment. Second hand computers are welcome as long as they are not too old. Please do email if you are interested in donating computers to the Residents’ Association.



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