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We said goodbye to our intern Alethea. She was an exceptional intern!

Alethea Wong joined my office as an intern from the 11th of March to 28th of June 2019. Her internship duties included parliamentary and public policy research, community work, and public service in the Subang Parliamentary constituency.

During her internship, Alethea conducted research on behalf of my office. She demonstrated diligence and precision in analysing voter and election data. Alethea also prepared a constituency map for my office using data visualisation tools to identify different income classes in each zone.

In addition, she has received training during her time with us from Khor Reports on Quantum Geographic Information System (QGIS). This knowledge has allowed her to present spatial data that was useful to our needs. During the March 2019 Parliamentary sitting, Alethea proved her language capabilities in both Malay and English when she translated and edited my speech for a Parliamentary debate.

For community work, Alethea was given the elevated role of an Executive Intern. She also displayed good interpersonal skills during our ‘Wednesday Service Nights’, where constituents would seek guidance on federal related matters from us. Alethea assisted my officers in liaising with relevant authorities on various cases and other administrative work. In addition, Alethea played a supporting role in my office project, Project Baikpulih Sekolahku 2019. She showed great dedication in her work with a constant willingness to go above and beyond what was required.

Overall, Alethea demonstrated herself to be a hardworking, capable, motivated, and responsible individual. Her exceptional work ethic and skillset are acknowledged by my officers who gave her responsibilities beyond an intern, without constant supervision. Time and time again, she was able to think of creative solutions and improvements in her work.

We want to thank Alethea for her great service to Subang and we wish her the very best in her future.


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