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Arresting and Sacking Governor Zeti is NOT the right thing to do

Bank Governor Zeti is possibly next on the “investigators being investigated” hit list. The story going around is she hasn’t been hauled up earlier because she was unwell and had checked herself into a hospital.

Ok, let’s be very clear, Zeti is no angel and I am not defending her. In fact, I had a few quarrels with her last year, over the Inland Revenue Investment Panel issue. Yes, she has failed to publicly issue red flags on movement of 1MDB moneys and also on Najib’s bank account. But she may yet redeem herself, if she comes clean and tell all.

But consider the current scenario: arresting her and sacking her may not be the smartest thing to do right now. We have a much bigger crisis at hand; the falling Ringgit. We have to consider how the international financial community will negatively react to her arrest and possible sacking. Will the Ringgit take a bigger dive? What sufferings will this unleash on our citizens for the sake of a witch hunt?

I therefore urge Najib to stop this witch-hunt and stop screwing around with the economy. On politics, we, ordinary Malaysians, are prepared to meet you in Bersih 4.0. But you have to stop neglecting and punishing the economy for your own political survival.


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