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Balance Of Work And Leisure

Selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim constituents. Just a quick posting on my last weekend programs. Saturday was a day of sports; I joined a badminton event in Kinrara (I haven’t played for 6 months, very rusty) and then the Cycle Against Crime in Subang Jaya, where my German friend Robert, joined me for a 5km cycle. After that I had a Santai Ramadhan program in the low cost flats of ss13 Subang Jaya. I haven’t had an event in these flats for two years! So it was very good to reconnect with the residents. I have instructed my officers to follow up and update the welfare situation there this week.

Otherwise I had the Saturday afternoon free and the whole of Sunday with my family. On Saturday afternoon, my family went for Star Wars day in Jaya One and I bought Darth Vader Baju Melayu buttons! Sunday was shopping at Decathlon, then Amcorp Mall for books and toys. Ate great nasi padang and then took the kids swimming. At night took my wife for a dinner date and then a massage for my sore shoulders from badminton and cycling.


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