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Bantah TPPA: The Rally

This morning, my office staff and I were gearing up for the anti TPPA rally. There are attempts to racialise the issue by some leaders just hours before the event.

Hadi Awang coming out to say that the Chinese community supports the TPPA, is talking absolute nonsense. Only he and God knows what his motives are in making such an irresponsible statement. Hadi does not own this protest. In fact the PAS representative for the TPPA Parliamentary Caucus missed 95% of all meetings and never ever issued a statement on TPPA. And suddenly on the eve, Hadi is an expert on the matter?

The TPPA is not a race thing but one of social class. The supporters of TPPA are the 1% super rich that sees opportunities for greater wealth. They are not bothered about higher costs of medicine for the middle class or the poor. Nor are they concerned about lost of our sovereign and political rights to decide our own future. They are there for the money.

The sad thing is the money offered from TPPA, according to the government’s own PwC report is very insignificant. A miserable insignificant 0.13% growth in GDP per year. But then, for the 1%, money however small, is money in their pocket. They would not hesitate to make a buck whatever the moral or social costs to the poor and the nation.

PSM, Mahasiswa, PKR, Bersih, and NGOs were gathering near Dataran Merdeka. The crowd was small around 500 people but very spirited. Gave a few press interviews and caught up with friends.



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