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Bazaar Hopping in Subang Jaya

Good morning. Yesterday, the offices of Hannah Yeoh and mine visited two Ramadhan Bazaars in Subang Jaya. We wished our Muslim constituents a peaceful Ramadhan and distributed dates. Hannah’s office paid for the expenses and graciously included my office into the program. My new interns led by Nadirah, did their first meet the community program. After the distribution, Hannah, Jen and I went to the An-Nur mosque to break fast with the local community.

I had a good chat with the Nazir, his deputy and also the ever dapper Mr. Nash. The Nazir and I swapped diet plans (I recommended a 2 day eat all you can black grapes only diet). Nash suggested I take a pre lunch power naps between 12.30 pm to 1pm daily. He explained the practice of this nap in the context of Islam. I have been finding it hard to stay awake lately during long political discussions. If you put 10 politicians in a room, the meeting will last easily 2 to 3 hours.


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