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I will reflect on the events of the last week over the weekend and write more.

There are different types of MPs from both sides of the divide. There are broadly just two categories. Some who take their job seriously and some who don’t. Most MPs are friendly, funny, smart and charismatic because these are the basic traits that make them electable. Most have the extra gift of wittiness, making them very engaging conversationalists. However, I still cannot reconcile the fact that some of these people, smart and witty as they are, can pass draconian laws without blinking an eye or a prick of any conscience.

I am still very angry and sad. Despite the loss, there were some great speeches made last night. YB Gobind Singh Deo, YB Surendran and YB Manivanan gave strong speeches and performed admirably.

However there was truly one outstanding speech, a “Braveheart” call to a battle of sorts by YB Rafizi Ramli.


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